Moving Your Email Marketing Lists

Lately, we have begun receiving a number of requests for help with moving email marketing lists to from another service. We recognize that moving your list is a big decision and we are honored that you are considering as your new home for your email marketing lists.

We wanted to go over a few rather important qualifiers before you make your decision.

Cost savings is always a big factor and we are very happy to be able to help businesses save a considerable amount of money when they move their email marketing lists over to our system. With our flat rate pricing, it is easy to see how you will save money when you switch to

Deliverability is another big factor and enjoys a very high deliverability rate. aheres to a very strict policy of what is and is not accepted when it comes to building your email marketing list. Our high standard is a big reason our deliverability rating is so high around the world. No matter where your list is, if your messages can’t get delivered, your email marketing campaign is dead in the water.

If you are wanting to move an established list over from another company, and this list has been built reputably, we do not anticipate any issues with your move. We do need to be clear, however, that purchased or harvested lists are going to be a problem for you no matter which service you use and such lists will not be allowed in the system.

So, if you have a list (or lists) that you have been managing with other services and that list is a stable list of valid subscribers you are already regularly interacting with, we welcome your transition and we look forward to helping you transition your list over quickly and easily without the need for your existing subscribers to reconfirm.

Once you have your account open, and your autoresponder campaign is set up, send your list to our support team, via email, as a .csv file. Be sure to include your username, the name of the autoresponder campaign, and any special instructions.

Your list will be imported in to the system and you will receive an email confirmation showing you the totals/results of the move.

Feel free to ask any other questions you have along the way. Support Team Simplified

You joined to generate, manage, and profit from our own lists, right?

To do that, there are a few key pieces you need to make sure you have set up in your account.

1) Set Up Your AutoResponder Campaign Follow Up Letters.
Campaign Setup: (Instructions)
Letter Settup: (Instructions)

2) Set up your capture forms by either:

a) Adding forms to your web site / blog: (Instructions)

b) Setting up a Hosted Capture Page: (Instructions)

3) Promotion!

Promote your Hosted Capture Page or your web site / blog with the capture form.

These are the things I did to start buiding my own lists. It works! Promote daily!

For more advanced options:

Brian Rooney

Email Marketing: Single Optin vs Double Optin

Email Marketing: Single Optin vs Double Optin

Email Marketers are constantly debating the worth of single optin vs double optin when it comes to building their lists.

Single optin simply means that someone can enter any information in to a capture form and they are automatically subscribed and/or given access to the free ebook, software, etc… that is being offered.

Double optin means that once the form is submitted, the person will receive an email asking them to confirm their request. Typically, the confirmation is accomplished by having the subscriber click a uniquely coded link.

The most common argument for using the single optin method is that some email marketing practitioners believe it helps build a larger list.

The claim is that people are unlikely to take that extra step to click a confirmation link so you could end up losing out on potential prospects.

The most common argument for using the double optin method for email marketing is that email marketers want to know that the prospects they are generating are:

  1. Real humans that read their emails.
  2. Genuinely interested in receiving the information being offered.

Someone using the single optin method may think that they have 5,000 prospects in their database but may actually have somewhere around 3,000 because 2,000 are nothing more than junk emails, spam traps, or bots.

While 3,000 prospects is nothing to take lightly, consider that if 2,000 of those addresses are not valid, that means the ebook, software, download, etc… that was being offered has essentally been stolen if you did not ask those prospects to confirm before receiving your offer.

Another big issue to consider is deliverability.

If your list is cluttered with unknown or garbage email addresses, this can have a negative impact on your overall deliverability. Many email service providers will begin blocking domains that are known to repeatedly send to email addresses that don’t exist. Over time, this can result in your messages not being delivered to the real prospects that you do have. What good are those real prospects if your message can’t be delivered to them?

Some proponents of single optin hold the position that it doesn’t matter since email marketing is so inexpensive. “Why should we care if some of the email addresses in our list don’t really exist? Email marketing is so cheap anyway.”

This is a flawed perspective. Those bad email addresses could be costing you more than you realize.

Not only is your deliverability affected, meaning that your message may not be getting through to even the good email addresses, but you may be overpaying your autoresponder service provider.

AutoResponder companies like Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact, etc… charge on a sliding scale meaning the larger your list, the more you will pay each month.

When their system looks at your account, they see the total number of prospects. So if you have 5,000 records but only 3,000 are actually deliverable, you are paying too much.

The idea behind using technology like autoresponders and email marketing should be to help your business increase sales while reducing expenses. Using single optin to build your email marketing lists could cost you not only in efficiency but also in your pocketbook.

AutoResponder Delivery Rates

AutoResponder Delivery Rates

Any AutoResponder service can claim high deliverability and a good reputation. Proving it is usually a different matter, altogether. The unfortunate reality is that there appears to be a lot of misinformation about deliverability and many email marketers often find out too late that their chosen AutoResponder service isn’t quite as reliable about getting their message delivered as they may have been told. provides (and can verify) outstanding deliverability and “sender reputation” as demonstrated by a number of third-party monitoring services such as:

Take a look. Compare to other autoresponders services you are reviewing. We think you’ll agree that has one of the better reputations in the industry.

Why is able to provide such outstanding reliability? Let’s take a look at a few factors:
  1. enforces a clear and stringent anti-spam policy.
    We maintain a zero-tolerance stand when it comes to unsolicited email.
  2. maintains consistent and open communication with major service providers to ensure and enforce best practices in Email Marketing. WHEN (not “if”) a problem is detected, our staff are able to quickly resolve and address these issues. (It happens to all of us)
  3. constantly monitors for and removes email addresses that become undeliverable. This helps our database remain clean and function efficiently.
  4. Removal/Unsubscribe requests are handled quickly and efficiently.
  5. maintains multiple test accounts across a wide variety of carriers to check for delivery issues and irregularities.
  6. constantly monitors and proactively seeks out any potential or impending delivery issues. takes these measures seriously to ensure that your messages can be delivered across a wide variety of email service platforms.

Beyond the capabilities and internal practices of any AutoResponder service, your own deliverability will also be influenced by how well you manage your lists and the content you use in your messages.
Trying to circumvent or fool spam filters with commonly used spam tactics such as bizarre spelling of certain words will dramatically impact your own personal deliverability.Sending irrelevant content or abusing the privilege of contact granted by your subscribers will not only affect deliverability but will quickly cause your lists to dwindle due to unsubscribe requests and complaints.

Infrastructure and Corporate policy are one side of the deliverability question.

At, we take that role very seriously to help your message get through to your audience.

Professionalism and integrity on your part will take care of the rest of the equation.

Email Marketing Best Practices Guide

How To Maximize Your Email Marketing Results

Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to contact prospects and customers.

When compared to the cost of Direct Mail, Email Marketing is considerably less expensive and can have a much larger and faster impace on immediate sales.

When done correctly, email marketing can be extremely powerful and cost effective. No other medium allows such easy and measurable access to help your business build value and credibility.

The trick is to realize that when email marketing is done incorrectly, it can also become one of the most destructive things that can happen to your business. Irresponsible email marketing can quickly erode your brand equity, alienate customers, and virtually guarantee that your prospects never buy from you.

This guide is designed to give you some insights on how you can use best practices to allow your business to make the most of your email marketing campaigns, maximize your return on investment, and truly profit from permission-based email marketing with

It is our goal and sincere desire that you and your business effectively implement and benefit from this guide.

Feel free to distribute this guide to your business associates, team members, web site visitors, etc… provided that the information is provided as-is.

Tips For Email Marketing Success:

Only send emails to people and businesses who have requested to receive them. Otherwise, you are spamming (sending unsolicited commercial email) which will undoubtedly get your emails blacklisted, blocked, and trashed.

Only send content that is relevant to what the receiver has requested. When someone requests information from you, they are placing their trust in you that they will receive relevant information. Violating that trust can quickly cause your prospects to unsubscribe.

Be consistent with your sending schedule, whether daily, weekly, bi-weekly. As your subscribers become familiar with your consistency, their trust in you (and your value to them) are increased.

For best results, we recommend sendin business emails on Tuesdays through Thursdays. Business emails sent on Mondays can easily be lost in the weekend clutter. Business emails sent on a Friday can easily be ignore in the rush to get away from the office for the weekend.

Make your “From” name in your messages either your company name or the name of a constact person at your business. Then be consistent in using that name. Many times, the decision to open an email or not is made in a split-second. By using a name that is familiar to your subscribers, you dramatically improve the odds of having your message opened.

Create your messages in both HTML and plain text. When you send only in HTML, approximately 5% of your subscribers will simply receive a blank email due to their email program not being able to display HTML properly.

Avoid using all caps or multiple exclamation marks in your subject line or body. Not only does this make your message appear unprofessional but it will also trigger spam filters which will cause your messages to get blocked.

Don’t try to “trick” spam filters by doing things like adding dots to your words (like F.R.E.E.). Email companies employee staff to constantly monitor and manage filters to catch these tricks. Keep your writing professional and always write with regard to the actual human being that will be reading the message when it is opened.

Never miss an opportunity to build your list. Add subscription forms to your web site or blog. When you receive a business card, ask if you can add them to your email list. If you have a brick and mortar business location, place a signup sheet in view of your customers and offer to send them email updates, special offers, coupons, etc…

Track your click-throughs using an AdTracker. Knowing how well your messages are generating reader interest can help you maximize your email marketing campaigns. Use an AdTracker for each link to see which messages are getting the best responses and which messages may need some tweaking.

Keys To Successful Email Marketing:

Always use a permission-based email marketing system such as that provided by

Decide on the type of content you will be sending such as a newsletter, coupon offers, special announcements, training, sales messages, etc… and stick to that type of content.

Add signup forms to your blog or web site so that you can start converting web site visitors in to subscribers.

Create a good email template using’s HTML Editor. Your in-house team can create a template, you can select from a pre-formatted template in your back office, or you can have one of our team create a custom template for a nominal charge.

Develop quality relevant content and begin sending your message out to your list. Continue sending relevant content to your list, making sure to keep your schedule consistent. As your list grows, you will begin to notice increased repeat traffic to your web site and/or place of business which should result on increased sales (If applicable).

Use personalization in your subject lines and content to improve open and response rates in your email marketing. This is accomplished by inserting tokens in to your body message as you create your messages in the HTML Editor.

Remind your subscribers to add your email address to their approved senders list. As major ISP’s are becoming increasinly aggressive about filtering email, you’ll want to be sure your subscribers can receive your messages. You can accomplish this by adding a reminder to your subscription confirmation pages, such as:

To ensure you receive the requested information, please add to your Address Book. Thank you!

Top Affiliate Earners for September 2015

Congratulations to our Top Affiliate Earners for August 2015!
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These top affiliate earners are using the AutoResponder system to build and manage their own email marketing lists. They are also spreading the word about this powerful system to other businesses around the world and reaping the benefits in the form of weekly and monthly commissions! Learn more here: Affiliate Plan

Top Commission Earners – September 2015

1. Lori Edwards ( Find Them Here )
2. Dorothy Wargo ( Find Them Here )
3. Rusty L. Shelton ( Find Them Here )
4. Scott Douglas ( Find Them Here )
5. Margaret Albright ( Find Them Here )
6. David M. Bresnahan ( Find Them Here )
7. Mohd Darus Haron ( Find Them Here )
8. Chase Swift ( Find Them Here )
9. Linda Acosta ( Find Them Here )
10. Jens Steyaert ( Find Them Here )
11. Aggregate Business Systems, Inc ( Find Them Here )
12. Lloyd Cooper ( Find Them Here )
13. George Ebinizer ( Find Them Here )
14. Jawad ( Find Them Here )
15. Frank A Trueblood ( Find Them Here )
16. Gerry James ( Find Them Here )
17. Harvey Vickery ( Find Them Here )
18. Michael Williams ( Find Them Here )
19. Teresa M Lipinski ( Find Them Here )
20. R. Bryan Stoker ( Find Them Here )
21. Joan Colvett ( Find Them Here )
22. Ladislav Smrtnik ( Find Them Here )
23. Joey Wilson ( Find Them Here )
24. Richard LaBay ( Find Them Here )
25. Cheryl Schinzig ( Find Them Here )

Top Fast Track Bonus Earners – September 2015

1. Jawad ( Find Them Here )
2. Gerry James ( Find Them Here )
3. Aggregate Business Systems, Inc ( Find Them Here )
T4. Joey Wilson ( Find Them Here )
T4. Joan Colvett ( Find Them Here )
T4. Ladislav Smrtnik ( Find Them Here )
T4. Scott Douglas ( Find Them Here )
T4. George Ebinizer ( Find Them Here )
T4. Stefan Clakre ( Find Them Here )
T5. Bernard Matic ( Find Them Here )
T5. Ines Mendez ( Find Them Here )
T5. Debra Lynn Burrows ( Find Them Here )
T5. Bradley Black ( Find Them Here )
T5. Maree Wells ( Find Them Here )
T5. Kathleen Ayers ( Find Them Here )
T5. Stefan Lenassi ( Find Them Here )
T5. Mohammed ( Find Them Here )
T5. Beverly Esau ( Find Them Here )
T5. Narasimhan Krishna ( Find Them Here )
T6. Ericka Todd ( Find Them Here )
T6. Sophie Papaconstantinou ( Find Them Here )
T6. Ken Nairne ( Find Them Here )
T6. Waseem Shazad ( Find Them Here )
T6. Matthew Wergeland ( Find Them Here )
T6. Gay Sacramone ( Find Them Here )
T6. Jevgeni Chernov ( Find Them Here )
T6. U.L.Nickel ( Find Them Here )
T6. Mohd Fahmi Samuni ( Find Them Here )
T6. Jeff Cohen ( Find Them Here )
T6. Johan Kloster ( Find Them Here )
T6. Faiza ( Find Them Here )
T6. Peter Nickson ( Find Them Here )
T6. Adnan ( Find Them Here )
T6. Chase Swift ( Find Them Here )
T6. Tamasne Fehervari ( Find Them Here )
T6. Martin Payling ( Find Them Here )
T6. Ewen Chia ( Find Them Here )
T6. Gabriela Mihai ( Find Them Here )
T6. John Bell ( Find Them Here )
T6. Benoit Dubuisson ( Find Them Here )
T6. Bob Risler ( Find Them Here )
T6. Jan Arthur Andersen ( Find Them Here )
T6. Muhammad Kadri b Kamaruddin ( Find Them Here )
T6. JD Sears ( Find Them Here )
T6. George McBride ( Find Them Here )
T6. Benoit ( Find Them Here )

Top Recruiters – September 2015

1. Benoit Dubuisson ( Find Them Here ) – 203 recruits.
2. Benoit ( Find Them Here ) – 142 recruits.
3. Bernard Matic ( Find Them Here ) – 13 recruits.
4. Yap Ying Peng ( Find Them Here ) – 12 recruits.
T5. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman ( Find Them Here ) – 11 recruits.
T5. Muhammad Kadri b Kamaruddin ( Find Them Here ) – 11 recruits.
T5. Robert Fraser ( Find Them Here ) – 11 recruits.
6. Dani Edson ( Find Them Here ) – 10 recruits.
T7. Gay Sacramone ( Find Them Here ) – 9 recruits.
T7. Bolaji Gafar Lawal ( Find Them Here ) – 9 recruits.
T8. Jeffrey Johnson ( Find Them Here ) – 8 recruits.
T8. Ikhwan Fahmi ( Find Them Here ) – 8 recruits.
T8. Alan Ribeiro ( Find Them Here ) – 8 recruits.
T8. Michael ( Find Them Here ) – 8 recruits.
T9. Ewen Chia ( Find Them Here ) – 7 recruits.
T9. Waseem Shazad ( Find Them Here ) – 7 recruits.
T9. Bob Risler ( Find Them Here ) – 7 recruits.
T9. Mike Exford ( Find Them Here ) – 7 recruits.
T9. George Ebinizer ( Find Them Here ) – 7 recruits.
T10. Delroy Osbourne ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Ladislav Smrtnik ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Jevgeni Chernov ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Roger Bicknell ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Gerry James ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Juha puotila ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Jan Arthur Andersen ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Simon Pinkney ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Randy Nunn ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Maree Wells ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Joanne Wulfekuhle ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Amber R Boyd ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T10. Scott Douglas ( Find Them Here ) – 6 recruits.

What is spam?

Spamming is strictly prohibited at Only people who have requested your specific information may be emailed from your account.

This is one of the reasons holds to a double opt-in policy. Being a double opt-in service also helps us maintain our excellent deliverability rating.

You may find these articles helpful, too:

Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Deliverability

How To Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rate

How to Recruit More and Retain Better Customers and Distributors

List BuildingWe are very excited about the new developments at and we are looking forward to announcing even more powerful updates for you in the near future.

This article is going to spend a little bit of time on showing our Affiliates how to recruit more and retain better customers and distributors.

As one of the owners here at, I get a “birds-eye view” of what is going on. I get to see when groups are growing, when groups stop growing, when someone is really taking off, and when someone is backing off. Over the years, I have seen a very clearly defined trend amongst our Affiliates that really puts them in to two distinct groups.

Both groups want to build more income. Both groups are working to refer other users. But the big difference I have seen is that one group focuses solely on “recruiting” to get people in to the Affiliate plan while the other group is actually doing two things better than the other group:

  1. Using the tools.
  2. Showing others how to use the tools.

That’s the big secret and the big difference. Consider your own business for a moment. Which makes more sense to you from a business perspective:

  1. Trying to sign up a bunch of people and hoping they stick?OR …
  2. Actually USING these powerful tools to build your own lists, selling to those lists, and showing your referrals how to do the same?

Really think about that for a moment. If someone joins your team for the sole reason that they are hoping for spillover or some sort of “magic bean” they might get lucky. But any old wind will blow them off course and they will quickly jump ship looking for the next pot of gold or “power team build” ( and those things pop up left and right ).

I’m not knocking “team builds” at all. I think we all do better when we are able to work together with a team that is committed to our mutual success. A good team will be focused on helping existing team members get good results AND referring new team members. But “team” shouldn’t mean, “Join us and we will make you rich”. It should mean “partner with us and we will work together for everyone’s success!”

If someone joins your team because they know they can build a powerful business asset (their list) for less than 60 cents a day … and they begin building that list … and they begin generating sales through that list … doesn’t it make sense that they would stay with you longer and even refer others based on their own success?

I’m one of the company founders and I want you to understand that this is my own process. I USE these tools, myself. I have other business projects I am involved with and I build lists to generate sales in those projects. (I USE these tools). I also build a list specifically focused on showing others how to use these tools to build their lists. Some of my referrals have been with me for 15 years! This is because they have LISTS and they get RESULTS with those lists!

Remember the 30 Minute List Building Challenge

I created this simple system that shows people exactly how they can get started building a list with our system within minutes! When people actually build a list, they are more motivated to stay with us because they want to keep that business asset and generate sales. As they generate sales they can quickly and easily show other businesses how to do the same. As a result, their income grows.

One of the reasons Chase Swift is consistently showing up in our Top Affiliates reports is because he is USING his autoresponder campaigns to build lists and sell products AND he is showing other online marketers how they can use the system to build their own lists with


  • Money comes in every week through Fast Track Bonuses.
  • Money comes in every month through Residual Commissions.
  • Money comes in daily, weekly, etc… because you have a list you can sell to!

Build Your Credibility With Your Lists

Building your own lists gives you a lot more credibility in the market. Would you take fitness advice from someone who was dramatically out of shape, never worked out, and ate nothing but junk food? No! You would look for someone who is in good (or great) shape and follow their example. You might even buy a gym membership and pay a trainer! Why? They have the results you are looking for!

It should be the same with your business. Build your lists. Sell to your lists. Teach your lists how to build and sell to their lists. You will find that you get a much more solid customer base as your referrals USE and benefit from the tools. You will also find that your fellow Affiliates are more productive at referring because they have and can teach how to get results.

Imagine how quickly you team can grow and how strong that team will be when you have a bunch of your team members getting solid results and growing their referrals as part of that process.

Once you have an account with us, be sure to take advantage of our 30 Minute List Building Challenge as you begin promoting your affiliate site. Build your lists. Get results. Your belief will skyrocket and that will absolutely make you a more effective business builder for you and your team!




Create Your AutoResponder Messages In Your Language!

List now supports your native language for your AutoResponder messages!

Many of our users speak and write languages other than english and have been asking for a way to create their email marketing messages in various languages.

We are happy to announce that this feature is now available to our users worldwide!

When you create your autoresponder campaign you will see an option to select your language. Not only will you be able to create your messages in that same language, but all of the system messages for confirmation links, managing subscriptions, removals, etc.. will also be provided in that same language.

To edit an existing campaign, go to that campaign in your Campaign Manager and make your selection in “Campaign Language Preference”. Then edit your letters to the language you like.

We are very excited to announce this new feature and we look forward to your feedback as you use this new feature in your autoresponder campaigns!

Brian Rooney


How To Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rate

Why is email marketing so powerful? Can it be improved?

According to a recent study from Pew Research, email is the most important tool for work, 61% of those surveyed consider email “very important’ to doing their job, compared to just 4% who said the same for social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

According to a report from Epsilon, in Q3 2014 in North America, open rates were up 6.5% year-over-year (though click rates were slightly down) thanks to mobile device usage.

Mobile seems to be having an even greater impact on open rates in the UK. eMarketer points to Return Path research from December finding that 62% of emails were opened on mobile devices compared to 21% on desktop. In the U.S. it was 48% from mobile compared to 25% from desktop.

So the challenge for email marketers comes down to making sure we give ourselves the best shot at getting a solid open rate when we send our messages out.

Here are some tips taken from WebProNews:

Start with the subject line.

Forbes suggests keeping the subject line to 50 characters or less, instilling a sense of urgency, and focusing on the benefit to readers, as well as using numbers (5 Tips to…), personalizing the “from” Field, and of course avoiding spam triggers.

Naturally, you’ll also want to look at which of your emails are already getting the best open rates and analyze accordingly.

Be sure you are serving your subscriber:

“To win the battle of the inbox, emails need to stand out and be welcomed — open rates will tell you who’s winning,” says email marketing service provider StreamSend. “Step back and judge if you are providing information that is genuinely valued. Sometimes even the best marketers are guilty of drinking their own Kool-Aid; don’t be one of them. Serve the customers.”

One word could make the difference.

Sometimes, the addition, subtraction, or change of a single word can make a huge difference. According to BrainShark, simply using the word “video” in a subject line boosts open rates 19% (not to mention click-through rates by 65%).

Focus on proper list management:

Make sure you are tracking your open rates, using personalization, creating enticing subject lines, and providing content that is valuable to your specific market.

First impressions matter:

CakeMail’s Mireille Tessier makes a great point about considering the first sentence in the email: “The email’s first sentence, also known as the pre-header text, appears often even before the email is opened. It’s a good way to extend those confining 25 characters in the subject line with complimentary information. Make sure the first sentence of your email says more than, ‘Click here to unsubscribe.’ If the first item in your newsletter is an image, the ALT of the image will be used as the first sentence. It’s a stealthy way to have great pre-header text that disappears like magic.”

Be relevant:

“Customers who have given you their email contact information want to feel like they are getting something of value in return for sharing their information,” she says. “Chances are, 10% off of a dinner or a free dessert is not going to get people off the couch to take action. Create consistent offers and content that are specialized and only for your email database members. Discounts of 20 percent or more, invitations to free events or demonstrations, webinars, free business tool kits (whitepaper, downloadable forms, etc.), case studies and free trial offers tend to have the biggest response rates.”

Make it personal:

Personalization is a major component of a successful email campaign. You have to do things that will make your message stand out from the rest of those appearing in users’ inboxes. Location is one, possibly under-utilized aspect of personalization. Location also happens to go hand-in-hand with mobile.

One approach is to combine location with real-time events.

“Real-time email marketing campaigns based on consumers’ current locations and major geographic events have 2.5 times more open rates and double the amount of unique clicks than traditional email campaigns,” claims Jason Warnock, VP of market intelligence and deliverability for Yesmail Interactive.

Timing, in general, is a big thing that often goes overlooked. You need to consider when your audience is most likely to be reading email, and try to time delivery accordingly. Often, early in the day is the best bet, though it does depend on the audience. Still, even well-timed messages can slip through the cracks.

Repeat Yourself:

Neal Taparia co-CEO and co-founder of Imagine Easy Solutions recently contributed an article to Forbes based on the concept that email should be about unique reach, not just open rates. He suggests sending follow-up emails to those who didn’t open the first email. The thinking here is that this will help you reach those who may have actually been interested in the message, but just didn’t get a chance to open it the first time.

“Have you ever seen an interesting email in your inbox and thought to yourself, ‘I’ll read that later’? You leave it unread with every intention of eventually opening up that email,” he wrote. “Then later that day at 7:47 PM, after dinner, you catch up on email from friends, and start reading the various newsletters that have sprung up in the top of your inbox. Did you ever get to that email? Despite the fact that you made a mental note that you wanted to read it, chances are you didn’t. You got distracted by all the other emails that landed in your inbox. You were probably also distracted by your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds, and very important group chats on WhatsApp.”

This is certainly a common scenario, though as he acknowledges, you do run the risk of annoying subscribers with follow-up emails. Still, the strategy appears to have worked for his company. They increased overall reach by 54.7%.

“To put it in perspective, all the hours of investment dedicated to this content piece and email became 54.7% more effective,” Taparia wrote. “We were able to nurture 54.7% more leads. More importantly, we increased our sales potential by 54.7%. We did this just by investing another 50 minutes in sending out a second email to those who didn’t open up the first.”

In the example he discussed, they sent the first email to 2,723 people, got 579 opens and 224 call-to-action clicks for an 8.2% click-through rate. The second email (again, sent only to those who didn’t open the first one), got 309 opens and 114 clicks. Unique opens between both emails were 32.6%.

Taparia noted they were concerned about annoying people who had seen the original email and deleted it, and that to address this, they send a second email a week later with minor changes. The unsubscribe rate has apparently stayed in line with the norm, though he does suggest trying to get a sense, based on your own list, of when a follow-up email is one too many.

There is no magic button:

As much as we like to think there is an exact science to this, there’s really not. If there were, there wouldn’t be a need for advice on the subject. Everyone would just have all of their emails opened. There are so many variables and factors to consider that you really have to pay close attention to your own audience and how they engage with your campaigns. The best thing you can do is develop a more detached/analytical eye, and continue to test and tweak. That assumes you have the content to warrant the opens in the first place.

The good news for email marketers is that email as a medium is as relevant as ever. It’s 2015, and much of the industry chatter is about how everyone is starting email newsletters. Opens are on the way up as mobile is now the norm, and that means there is plenty of opportunity to get your emails read and engaged with. There may be new challenges (Google Inbox, anyone?), but that’s always been part of the game, and it always will be. The bottom line is that this is a pretty good time to be in email marketing.