Top Producers in June 2014

Congratulations to our Top Producers for June 2014!

Top Commission Earners – June 2014: This report details the Top 25 top earners for the month of June based on TOTAL commissions paid during June, including Weekly Fast Track Bonuses and Regular Commissions earned for the month.

1. Dorothy Wargo (Visit Them Here)
2. Rusty L. Shelton (Visit Them Here)
3. Lori Edwards (Visit Them Here)
4. David M. Bresnahan (Visit Them Here)
5. Scott Douglas (Visit Them Here)
6. Mohd Darus Haron (Visit Them Here)
7. David Benson (Visit Them Here)
8. Margaret Albright (Visit Them Here)
9. David M. Bresnahan (Visit Them Here)
10. David Knop (Visit Them Here)
11. Tsunehiro Morikawa (Visit Them Here)
12. Allen Smith (Visit Them Here)
13. Michael Williams (Visit Them Here)
14. Marvin Williams (Visit Them Here)
15. Grace Randall (Visit Them Here)
16. Gold Team (Visit Them Here)
17. Frank A Trueblood (Visit Them Here)
18. Fauziah Ahmad (Visit Them Here)
19. Dani Edson (Visit Them Here)
20. Valerie Underhill (Visit Them Here)
21. R. Bryan Stoker (Visit Them Here)
22. Chase Swift (Visit Them Here)
23. Benoit Dubuisson (Visit Them Here)
24. Melissa Diaz (Visit Them Here)
25. Peter Bailey (Visit Them Here)

Top Fast Track Bonus Earners – June 2014: This report details  the Top 25 Fast Track Bonus earners for the month.

1. David Knop (Visit Them Here)
2. Frank A Trueblood (Visit Them Here)
T3. Marvin Williams (Visit Them Here)
T3. Dani Edson (Visit Them Here)
T4. Melissa Diaz (Visit Them Here)
T4. Benoit Dubuisson (Visit Them Here)
T4. Aggregate Business Systems, Inc. (Visit Them Here)
T4. Brian Davis (Visit Them Here)
T4. Billee Brady (Visit Them Here)
T5. R. Kevin Bowser (Visit Them Here)
T5. Dorothy Wargo (Visit Them Here)
T5. Alimuddin Shahid (Visit Them Here)
T6. Tsunehiro Morikawa (Visit Them Here)
T6. Jennie Sarginson (Visit Them Here)
T6. James Mollien (Visit Them Here)
T7. George McBride (Visit Them Here)
T7. eWork Club (Visit Them Here)
T7. Larry Wentz (Visit Them Here)
T7. Darren Hawkins (Visit Them Here)
T7. Bolaji Gafar Lawal (Visit Them Here)
T7. Gail Clark (Visit Them Here)
T7. James R. Young (Visit Them Here)
T7. Terri Plear (Visit Them Here)
T7. Ines Mendez (Visit Them Here)
T7. Louis Fiorentino (Visit Them Here)
T7. Mark Sell (Visit Them Here)
T7. Johanne Alarie (Visit Them Here)
T7. Nonthali Stornini (Visit Them Here)
T7. Shelley Hitz (Visit Them Here)
T8. Galina Balagur (Visit Them Here)
T8. Petar Team (Visit Them Here)
T8. Dan Carter (Visit Them Here)
T8. Action TEAM (Visit Them Here)
T8. Cristina Atienza (Visit Them Here)
T8. Laurent Vieillard (Visit Them Here)
T8. Janie Cantu (Visit Them Here)
T8. Igor A. Zubov (Visit Them Here)
T8. Thomas Haley DBA Diamond Marketing, Inc. (Visit Them Here)
T8. John Hill (Visit Them Here)
T8. Dale Rust (Visit Them Here)
T8. Don Allain (Visit Them Here)
T8. Maureen Suggitt (Visit Them Here)
T8. Bernadette A Da Silva (Visit Them Here)
T8. Tommy C Jenkins (Visit Them Here)
T8. Rafael A. Rodriguez (Visit Them Here)
T8. Amrik Singh (Visit Them Here)
T8. Mhd Yusof Abd Ghoni (Visit Them Here)
T8. Carl (Visit Them Here)
T8. Joanne Y L Tai (Visit Them Here)
T8. Marcos R M Santos (Visit Them Here)
T8. David Benson (Visit Them Here)
T8. Geoffrey Williams (Visit Them Here)
T8. Keith R Spomer (Visit Them Here)
T8. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman (Visit Them Here)
T8. Abdullah Al-MAAWALI (Visit Them Here)
T8. Soren Jordansen (Visit Them Here)
T8. James Thomas (Visit Them Here)
T8. Alan Bennett (Visit Them Here)
T8. Edgar Camacho (Visit Them Here)
T8. Steve Bovee (Visit Them Here)
T8. Alexei Zoubov (Visit Them Here)
T8. Donnie Mullins (Visit Them Here)
T8. K.C. Duerig (Visit Them Here)
T8. Tomasz Kancelarczyk (Visit Them Here)
T8. Veronica Takacs (Visit Them Here)
T8. Will Ugwu (Visit Them Here)
T8. Dean Rampersad (Visit Them Here)
T8. Magid Abdulsater (Visit Them Here)
T8. William Paulding (Visit Them Here)
T8. Balaram (Visit Them Here)

Top Recruiters – June 2014: This report details the Top 25 recruiters for the month, including Free Trial referrals and upgraded  members for the month.

1. Benoit Dubuisson (Visit Them Here) – 128 recruits.
2. Melissa Diaz (Visit Them Here) – 53 recruits.
3. Dani Edson (Visit Them Here) – 52 recruits.
4. Benoit (Visit Them Here) – 45 recruits.
5. Dee Dee Tate (Visit Them Here) – 42 recruits.
6. Brian Davis (Visit Them Here) – 34 recruits.
7. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman (Visit Them Here) – 32 recruits.
8. Igor A. Zubov (Visit Them Here) – 31 recruits.
9. Marvin Williams (Visit Them Here) – 27 recruits.
10. Irving Armstrong (Visit Them Here) – 24 recruits.
11. David Knop (Visit Them Here) – 23 recruits.
12. Jelena Janjic (Visit Them Here) – 21 recruits.
13. Billee Brady (Visit Them Here) – 20 recruits.
T14. Pierrard (Visit Them Here) – 19 recruits.
T14. Jodie Wood (Visit Them Here) – 19 recruits.
15. Geoffrey Williams (Visit Them Here) – 17 recruits.
16. Bolaji Gafar Lawal (Visit Them Here) – 16 recruits.
17. Mo Mo (Visit Them Here) – 15 recruits.
18. Action TEAM (Visit Them Here) – 13 recruits.
19. Noor Aida Bte Mazlan (Visit Them Here) – 12 recruits.
20. Frank A Trueblood (Visit Them Here) – 11 recruits.
T21. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman (Visit Them Here) – 10 recruits.
T21. Darren Hawkins (Visit Them Here) – 10 recruits.
T21. George McBride (Visit Them Here) – 10 recruits.
T21. Dorothy Wargo (Visit Them Here) – 10 recruits.
T22. Abdul Halim Ismail (Visit Them Here) – 9 recruits.
T22. Hans D. Bergmeier (Visit Them Here) – 9 recruits.
T22. Mohd Redzwan Bin Abdul Mutalib (Visit Them Here) – 9 recruits. – How To Set Up Hosted Capture Pages

This week, I wanted to share a video with you that was created some time ago and can be found in our Wiki. This video and article show you how to get started with a Hosted Capture Page in your account.

Hosted Capture Pages give you a quick way to launch a campaign to quickly start building your lists for new offers, special promotions, etc…

To open the wiki article and video in a new window, use this link:

Feel free to ask questions and leave feedback as a comment, below!

You can always find more tutorials and videos on our Wiki.

Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney


Top Producers for May 2014

Top Commission Earners – May 2014

1. Dorothy Wargo (Visit Them Here)
2. Lori Edwards (Visit Them Here)
3. Rusty L. Shelton (Visit Them Here)
4. David M. Bresnahan (Visit Them Here)
5. Scott Douglas (Visit Them Here)
6. David Benson (Visit Them Here)
7. Margaret Albright (Visit Them Here)
8. David M. Bresnahan (Visit Them Here)
9. Mohd Darus Haron (Visit Them Here)
10. Tsunehiro Morikawa (Visit Them Here)
11. Allen Smith (Visit Them Here)
12. Michael Williams (Visit Them Here)
13. Gold Team (Visit Them Here)
14. Grace Randall (Visit Them Here)
15. Fauziah Ahmad (Visit Them Here)
16. Melissa Diaz (Visit Them Here)
17. Marvin Williams (Visit Them Here)
18. Dani Edson (Visit Them Here)
19. Mazelan Abas (Visit Them Here)
20. Chase Swift (Visit Them Here)
21. R. Bryan Stoker (Visit Them Here)
22. Valerie Underhill (Visit Them Here)
23. Diran Hatchadourian (Visit Them Here)
24. Frank A Trueblood (Visit Them Here)
25. Peter Bailey (Visit Them Here)

Top Fast Track Bonus Earners – May 2014

1. Melissa Diaz (Visit Them Here)
2. Dani Edson (Visit Them Here)
T3. Diran Hatchadourian (Visit Them Here)
T3. Frank A Trueblood (Visit Them Here)
T3. Anthony Hayle (Visit Them Here)
4. Maximilian Netter (Visit Them Here)
T5. Tsunehiro Morikawa (Visit Them Here)
T5. Marvin Williams (Visit Them Here)
T5. Igor A. Zubov (Visit Them Here)
T6. Igor Zoric (Visit Them Here)
T6. Barry Davison (Visit Them Here)
T6. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman (Visit Them Here)
T6. David Lenderman (Visit Them Here)
T6. Jocelyn Jones (Visit Them Here)
T6. Shelley Hitz (Visit Them Here)
T6. David M. Bresnahan (Visit Them Here)
T6. Jennie Sarginson (Visit Them Here)
T6. Denny Clark (Visit Them Here)
T7. Beau Bridgewater (Visit Them Here)
T7. Gary Sturgill (Visit Them Here)
T7. Stephen Daniel (Visit Them Here)
T7. Mohd Sukeri Bin Halim (Visit Them Here)
T7. Terrence Hopkins (Visit Them Here)
T7. Devon Longstreth (Visit Them Here)
T7. Michael Martin (Visit Them Here)
T7. Clifford Luke (Visit Them Here)
T7. Carol Carr (Visit Them Here)
T7. Benoit Dubuisson (Visit Them Here)
T7. George McBride (Visit Them Here)
T7. Larry Wentz (Visit Them Here)
T7. Darrel Cannon (Visit Them Here)
T8. 44 member tie…

Top Recruiters – May 2014

1. Benoit Dubuisson (Visit Them Here) – 87 recruits.
2. Dani Edson (Visit Them Here) – 62 recruits.
3. Melissa Diaz (Visit Them Here) – 50 recruits.
T4. Ahmad Barian bin Sairi (Visit Them Here) – 37 recruits.
T4. Marvin Williams (Visit Them Here) – 37 recruits.
5. Irving Armstrong (Visit Them Here) – 28 recruits.
6. Billee Brady (Visit Them Here) – 27 recruits.
7. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman (Visit Them Here) – 24 recruits.
8. Alimuddin Shahid (Visit Them Here) – 22 recruits.
9. Abe Taddesse (Visit Them Here) – 20 recruits.
10. Andrew Wilson (Visit Them Here) – 18 recruits.
11. Bolaji Gafar Lawal (Visit Them Here) – 16 recruits.
12. Beau Bridgewater (Visit Them Here) – 15 recruits.
13. Mhd Yusof Abd Ghoni (Visit Them Here) – 14 recruits.
14. Larry Wentz (Visit Them Here) – 12 recruits.
T15. Dam Rong A/L Ee Cheng (Visit Them Here) – 11 recruits.
T15. Jennie Sarginson (Visit Them Here) – 11 recruits.
16. Dee Dee Tate (Visit Them Here) – 10 recruits.
T17. Frank A Trueblood (Visit Them Here) – 8 recruits.
T17. Kym Mckinney (Visit Them Here) – 8 recruits.
T17. Zamri Nanyan (Visit Them Here) – 8 recruits.
T17. Alan Ribeiro (Visit Them Here) – 8 recruits.
T17. Martin Russell (Visit Them Here) – 8 recruits.
T17. Damir and Martina (Visit Them Here) – 8 recruits.
T17. Edgar Camacho (Visit Them Here) – 8 recruits.
T18. Michel Cote (Visit Them Here) – 7 recruits.
T18. John Eld (Visit Them Here) – 7 recruits.
T18. AGGREGATE BUSINESS SYSTEMS, Inc. (Visit Them Here) – 7 recruits.
T18. Igor A. Zubov (Visit Them Here) – 7 recruits.
T18. Kyron Eldridge (Visit Them Here) – 7 recruits.
T18. Susan Centofanti (Visit Them Here) – 7 recruits.
T19. 12 member tie

Creating Your Sales Funnel – Do It In Reverse

You have started your business and you are very excited. Maybe you’re just getting ready to launch a new marketing campaign for your existing business. You keep hearing about these amazing success stories about folks who have figured out how to make money online. You see their articles. You see the pictures. Maybe you even personally know someone who is making money online.

So you make the decision to get started. You pick or start a company with a product or service you can get excited about. The pay plan description is keeping you awake at night. You are going to make SO MUCH MONEY! From what you can see, it seems like folks are just popping up web sites all over the place and the money simply comes rolling in.

But the money didn’t just come rolling in. Your bank account is still hurting and you aren’t rich yet. Your web site looks just like those other web sites you see making money. Your product is just like the products begin promoted by the other top earners in the same company you’re with. But your results aren’t the same as theirs.

What Are You Missing?

Online Marketing is more than just throwing up a web site. “If you build it, they will come.” makes a great line in a movie but, as we have all experienced, it doesn’t seem to work that way in the business world.

This article is designed to help you understand the importance of understanding and creating a sales funnel. The key, for me, is to create the sales funnel in reverse. Your goal is to get sales. You want people using your products or services and you want to build a team of people that want to build the business with you.

Step 4: Get a Web Site.

This may be a simple replicated site that is put together by the company you are working with. For maximum impact, I highly recommend your own blog so that you can control your message, your branding, and build your own credibility. Another option is to create a simple capture page that is linked to an autoresponder campaign. This brings me to the next step:

Step 3: Get an AutoResponder.

Your AutoResponder is a powerful tool. With your AutoResponder, you can create sales letters that explain your offer, demonstrate the value you bring, help you build rapport, and establish credibility in your industry. I highly recommend you get connected to an AutoResponder service and create your sales letters.

Step 2: Get Subscribers.

You have a web site. You have sales letters. Now, the key is to get subscribers in to your AutoResponder campaign so that you have people to send your sales letters to. The key is to make it easy for people to join your list when they get to your blog, site, or capture page. Your AutoResponder service should make it very easy for you to get the code to add a subscription form to your blog or web site. You should also be able to quickly create a capture page you can begin promoting.

Step 1: Get People To Your Web Site

NOW we get to the part where you start driving traffic to your web site, blog, capture page, etc… How many ways are there to drive traffic to your web site?

The key is to understand the process and set up your sales funnel to make the most of  your advertising and promotional efforts.

We reviewed this process in reverse to help you see how you will set up your sales funnel.

Once the sales funnel is set up,  the real order will be:

  1. Advertising to get people to your web site, blog, or capture page.
  2. Your web site, blog, or capture page has the subscription forms so that people can request more information from you, joining your list.
  3. Your AutoResponder sends out your sales letters to follow up with your prospects, building your credibility, establishing rapport, and helping those prospects become comfortable with the idea of doing business with you.
  4. As your prospects become more comfortable with you, they begin to purchase your products, use your services, and/or join your team.

If all you are doing is advertising a sales page, you are basing your success on the idea that someone will hit your web site and make a purchasing decision in that first visit. This hardly EVER happens! Think about your own habits. How often do you make a decision to purchase something based on your very first visit to a web site? Your prospects won’t do it, either. So give them an opportunity to get to know you better by joining your list.

Is this a quick process? No! You will need to learn a few techniques and take the time to get your site set up, create your sales letters, add subscription forms, and begin your advertising campaigns. As you move forward, you will get better at it, become faster at it, and find yourself in the position of being able to generate leads online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And THAT is when the process becomes a lot of fun!


Server Outages at

May 30, 2014:

We continue to work on server upgrades which can cause unexpected results at times. If you run across any delays or errors, we are asking that you do the following:

  1. Wait a few minutes and try your request again.
  2. If the problem persists, email our support team (support[@] with full details including your username, what URL you were on, what you clicked or typed, and any specific error messages you may have received.

We appreciate you working with us as we work to smooth out this transition. Some of what we are doing was planned. Other components were pushed forward when we discovered some of the vulnerabilities experienced by our competitors. In our attempt to get out ahead of the problem, we found a few other issues that have been and/or are being resolved.

Thank you, again, for your patience. We are confident that the end result will be a much faster, smoother, and stronger infrastructure designed to support our valued customers and affiliates better than ever before.

May 23, 2014:

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 22, experienced an unexpected server outage. At 10:30pm Central time, the system was brought back online. While we have had scheduled maintenance and update windows over the past few weeks, this outage was not expected.

The good news is that we experienced no data loss and no loss of service. Mailings and click-throughs continued. Users were unable to log in to their accounts and visitors were unable to view the web site.

We appreciate your patience during this trying time. In addition to working to resolve the issue as quickly as  possible, we have also taken steps to help ensure that this situation is not repeated.

We understand that it is important to your business, as well as our business, that our servers stay up and operational at all times. Over the past 14 years of operations, we have experienced a better than 99% uptime. Of course, when we are experiencing a current outage, it is difficult to remember that such outages are few and far between.

We thank each of you that contacted us to inform us of the site being down. While we would have loved to be able to personally interact with each of you during this time, our energies were focused on restoring service as quickly as possible.

Rest assured that we take this matter very seriously and will continue to make any necessary arrangements and updates to make sure we are able to continue providing reliable and quality service to each of our valued members.


Top Producers for April 2014

Top Commission Earners – April 2014

1. Dorothy Wargo (Visit Them Here)
2. Lori Edwards (Visit Them Here)
3. Rusty L. Shelton (Visit Them Here)
4. Margaret Albright (Visit Them Here)
5. David M. Bresnahan (Visit Them Here)
6. Scott Douglas (Visit Them Here)
7. David Benson (Visit Them Here)
8. Mohd Darus Haron (Visit Them Here)
9. Gold Team (Visit Them Here)
10. Tsunehiro Morikawa (Visit Them Here)
11. Allen Smith (Visit Them Here)
12. Michael Williams (Visit Them Here)
13. Marvin Williams (Visit Them Here)
14. Grace Randall (Visit Them Here)
15. Mazelan Abas (Visit Them Here)
16. Bob Everett (Visit Them Here)
17. Larry Wentz (Visit Them Here)
18. Christian Atzinger (Visit Them Here)
19. Fauziah Ahmad (Visit Them Here)
20. Melissa Diaz (Visit Them Here)
21. R. Bryan Stoker (Visit Them Here)
22. Chase Swift (Visit Them Here)
23. Peter Bailey (Visit Them Here)
24. Valerie Underhill (Visit Them Here)
25. Dani Edson (Visit Them Here)

Top Fast Track Bonus Earners – April 2014

1. Bob Everett (Visit Them Here)
2. Larry Wentz (Visit Them Here)
3. Melissa Diaz (Visit Them Here)
4. Marvin Williams (Visit Them Here)
T5. Michael Martin (Visit Them Here)
T5. Tsunehiro Morikawa (Visit Them Here)
T5. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman (Visit Them Here)
T6. Anna M Sanderlin (Visit Them Here)
T6. Dani Edson (Visit Them Here)
T7. Mazelan Abas (Visit Them Here)
T7. Walter Latty (Visit Them Here)
T7. Igor Zubov (Visit Them Here)
T7. Brice (Visit Them Here)
T7. Jodie Wood (Visit Them Here)
T8. Jasminka Celic (Visit Them Here)
T8. Billee Brady (Visit Them Here)
T8. Mitrovich (Visit Them Here)
T8. Benoit Dubuisson (Visit Them Here)
T8. Jerry Patterson (Visit Them Here)
T8. Louie Alvarez (Visit Them Here)
T8. Barry Monteiro (Visit Them Here)
T8. Gary Seargeant (Visit Them Here)
T9. Mohamad Fadil Abdullah (Visit Them Here)
T9. David Ryder (Visit Them Here)
T9. Petar Team (Visit Them Here)
T9. Jerry Holl (Visit Them Here)
T9. Yap Sui Fong (Visit Them Here)
T9. Shaun Croucher (Visit Them Here)
T9. Michael Baker (Visit Them Here)
T9. Kevin Waldron (Visit Them Here)
T9. Aaron Bradley (Visit Them Here)
T9. Don Del Giorno (Visit Them Here)
T9. Chafic Itani (Visit Them Here)
T9. Christian Atzinger (Visit Them Here)
T9. Brian Allerton (Visit Them Here)
T9. Miroslav (Visit Them Here)
T9. Mike Grant (Visit Them Here)
T9. Jerry Lillibridge (Visit Them Here)
T9. Susan Centofanti (Visit Them Here)
T9. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman (Visit Them Here)
T9. Daniel Jones (Visit Them Here)
T10. 64 member tie…

Top Recruiters – April 2014

1. Benoit Dubuisson (Visit Them Here) – 73 recruits.
2. Dani Edson (Visit Them Here) – 69 recruits.
3. Melissa Diaz (Visit Them Here) – 57 recruits.
4. Marvin Williams (Visit Them Here) – 51 recruits.
5. Billee Brady (Visit Them Here) – 43 recruits.
6. Abe Taddesse (Visit Them Here) – 31 recruits.
T7. Irving Armstrong (Visit Them Here) – 30 recruits.
T7. Jean Francois Mineo (Visit Them Here) – 30 recruits.
T8. Scott Zlateff (Visit Them Here) – 28 recruits.
T8. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman (Visit Them Here) – 28 recruits.
9. Larry Wentz (Visit Them Here) – 25 recruits.
10. John Klein (Visit Them Here) – 23 recruits.
T11. Thomas Ledford (Visit Them Here) – 19 recruits.
T11. Beau Bridgewater (Visit Them Here) – 19 recruits.
T11. Ahmed Adraoui (Visit Them Here) – 19 recruits.
T11. Kelechi Azuogu (Visit Them Here) – 19 recruits.
12. Susan Centofanti (Visit Them Here) – 17 recruits.
13. Bob Everett (Visit Them Here) – 16 recruits.
14. Sergio Trejo (Visit Them Here) – 15 recruits.
T15. Jennie Sarginson (Visit Them Here) – 14 recruits.
T15. Mohamad Fadil Abdullah (Visit Them Here) – 14 recruits.
T15. Abdul Halim Ismail (Visit Them Here) – 14 recruits.
T16. Dario Slatkovic (Visit Them Here) – 13 recruits.
T16. Kym Mckinney (Visit Them Here) – 13 recruits.
T17. Michael Martin (Visit Them Here) – 12 recruits.
T17. Charles Lentz (Visit Them Here) – 12 recruits.
T18. Mazelan Abas (Visit Them Here) – 11 recruits.
T18. Andrew Wilson (Visit Them Here) – 11 recruits.
T19. Igor Zubov (Visit Them Here) – 10 recruits.


Your Email Deliverability Is At Risk

Your EMail Deliverability Is At Risk

If you are already using your an email address from your own domain name as your reply-to address for your AutoResponder campaigns, you can stop reading. BUT ….

If you are using a Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail or other commonly available free email service as your reply-to in your AutoResponder campaign, you are hurting your email deliverability.

After what has happened now, you will want to change that … and fast! and most reputable email service providers have always recommended that you not use such email addresses.

Our big reason for this recommendation was that it just didn’t look professional for a business to be using a free email service. Every time any business person hands you a card that has a gmail or yahoo email address on it, don’t you find myself wondering how credible this person or business is?

We get it. Those services are free and they require a little less work to set up, but using your own domain lends more credibility to your image and reputation.

Now, going beyond the concept of professionalism and image, big changes are happening on the internet and if you at all serious about your business image, and making sure your messages get delivered, it is time to stop using the freebie emails as your reply-to address in your AutoResponder Campaigns.

One of the ways that ISP’slike Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc.. fight spam is by using something called “email authentication” to check whether an email that comes from you actually came from you. If you have ever had your email address hacked or received an email from a friend but knew they couldn’t have actually sent the message, then you have experienced the issue, as well.

Things have changed.

On Friday, April 4, 2014, Yahoo changed their email authentication settings using the new DMARC standard. The new setting by yahoo is causing a lot of email from yahoo users to be rejected by other ISP’s.

On April 22, 2014, AOL did the same thing.

We believe more and more ISP’s will follow suit.

Here Is What You Must Understand:

If your AutoResponder campaigns are using a yahoo or AOL email address as the reply-to, Yahoo and AOL are now saying, “We do not vouch for this email being sent”. This is causing your emails to be rejected and that is causing receivers to be removed from your list.

This is not a Specific Issue. A lot of companies are being impacted by these changes, including all of the other Email Marketing Service companies, such as Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc…

If you are a real “tech head” and want to dig in to the new DMARC standard for email authentication, follow this link:

To see how this change is impacting other companies and lists, follow these links:

The Solution Is Simple

Change your reply-to address in your AutoResponder Campaigns To Your Own Domain.

If you do not have your own domain, it’s time. Your email list is worth money to your business. You owe it to yourself to get this done quickly. Until you make this change, you will be leaving a lot of emails undelivered which will be costing you more money.

If you have your own domain, contact your web hosting provider for help with setting up your email addresses.

If you do not have your own domain, we invite you to open a web hosting account with our web hosting company: and our service will always be compatible and compliant with the new DMARC email authentication protocols together.

How To Change The Reply-To Email Address in

  1. Log in to your back office at
  2. Go to your AutoResponder Campaign Manager.
  3. Select a Campaign.
  4. Click the “Signature Tokens” tab.
  5. Change “Your Return E-mail Address” to your own email address using your domain name.
  6. Click “Update Signature Tokens”.

Follow steps 3 through 6 for each of your AutoResponder Campaigns.


Tips To Improve Email Marketing Deliverability

Deliverability is King!

When it comes to email marketing strategies, the biggest issue to be aware of is deliverability. After all, if your email marketing message doesn’t get delivered, what’s the point? Templates, design, link tracking, etc… are all great but if the message isn’t getting through, nothing else matters. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you make sure you do everything possible to help get your message to your subscribers.

More and more Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are taking steps to protect their users from spam messages. Their control over what causes messages to get blocked continues to increase. Frankly, most of your messages are filtered by these major ISP’s before they even reach the inbox. This is why you want to be sure you and your messages play by the commonly accepted rules. For information on the newly implemented DMARC  protocol and how it may affect you, click  here.

Recognize that major ISP’s like AOL, Hotmail, Comcast, Yahoo, and others maintain their own feedback loops or the new dmarc technology. maintains solid relationships with the major ISP’s via their feedback loops, dmarc requirements, and whitelisting protocols. When receives notification from these resources, we instantly remove the email address from our system so that you and can keep from being blocked in the future. These major ISP’s set their own criteria for what will trigger a feedback loop, such as their users reporting your message as spam or junk, content that violates their acceptable use policies, etc.

NEVER add someone to your lists without their permission. This means that if they did not personally fill out the subscription or specifically authorize you to add them to your lists, you are asking for trouble.

NEVER use rented, purchased, or harvested lists. These lists are typically loaded with invalid and/or undeliverable addresses which will result in your account being blocked by major ISP’s and possibly terminated by

Avoid 3rd party redirect URL’s. Many scammer, phishing, or hacking sites will regularly use 3rd party redirect URL’s to cloak or mask the identity of the web site people are actually going to. Use of these cloaking URL’s can cause a problem for email marketers.

Gauge your sending schedules. Mailing to your lists on a daily basis can raise flags with many of the major ISP’s. Also, if you stop sending to your list for a long period of time and then, all of a sudden begin mailing frequently or sending unrelated content, your complaint rate is going to increase and this will cause problems for you with the major ISP’s.

Be aware of Content Filtering. Content filters look at a range of things, from the simple to the complex: word use, misspellings, the ratio of text to images, font colors, the subject line and actual text in the message, hypey words, multiple exclamation points, and much more, including the hidden structure of an email. Some filters take a “fingerprint” of the email. They can compare the fingerprint with a database of known spam and known good email and determine how like spam the email is. Some tests look for distinctive features from particular pieces of software. For instance, there was a piece of spamware that used a fake time zone value in its email headers. Email with that value was always marked as spam.

Recognize that email marketing is a very fluid environment. Major ISP’s control how aggressively they check and block content. Email addresses change constantly. It is reported that 30% of people change their email address annually. People do lose interest in something they requested months earlier and will unsubscribe. Your lists will always adjust. It’s just part of the email marketing business.

By being aware of these concepts and managing your lists responsibly, you can help impact your email deliverability in a positive way.

Why People Hate Your Email Marketing Newsletter

Why People Hate Your Email Newsletter

I bet it has happened to you …
You exchange  business cards, text messages, or contact info with someone at an event. Next thing you know, you are receiving mass emails from them sent to everyone they got contact info from.

The worst part: They aren’t using an email service provider. They just added your email address to the “To” field or the “Cc” field in their favorite email program. Now, not only are you getting slammed but everyone on the list can see your email address, too! You and everyone else on that list have just been spammed!

If You Are Serious About Email Marketing Success, You MUST Understand This:

It Is NEVER OK to add people to your email marketing list without their direct permission. Period. There are no exceptions to this rule!

If you truly want your email marketing list to be effective in gathering new customers and drumming up repeat business, you absolutely MUST let people opt-in rather than forcing them to opt-out.


First, let’s look at the difference between opt-in and opt-out:

As you might imagine, opting-in is simply allowing someone the opportunity to say, “Yes, I want to receive information.”

Just sending your information to people that have not actually requested it is “spam”. It’s no surprise that people hate spam. And when you spam, guess what … people are going to hate your email marketing newsletter!

So What’s The Solution?

Ask people first if they would like to join your email list. If you are exchanging business cards, simply ASK if it’s ok to add them to your email marketing newsletter. If they say “yes”, put a check mark on the card. If they say “no”, put an “x” on the card. Some will say “yes”. Some will say “no”.

This way, you will know that the people who get your email marketing newsletter actually want the information. And when you use a service like to manage your email marketing lists, you know your subscribers will have the option to unsubscribe in every email.

Make No Mistake

Your online reputation is THE reason people choose to do business with you. If you begin adding people to your lists without their permission, you are starting the relationship with a negative experience.  Once people begin to think negatively about you, it just makes sense that they are not going to want to do business with you.someone.

Now that you have built an email marketing list full of people who want to hear from you, rather than a group surprised and upset that they’ve been added to a list without their permission, you can begin building a positive relationship and should reasonably expect to do business with some of them.