Driving Traffic To Your Capture Page

Congratulations on taking us up on our 30 Minute List Building Challenge!

List BuildingIf you followed the steps, you quickly realized the the whole process from opening your  new account to actually setting up your list building campagin took considerably less than 30 seconds. We are hearing from some folks that it is taking them less than 15 minutes!

If aren’t sure how you got to this page, go back to our setup page to get started:  http://blog.trafficwave.net/2015/08/30-minute-list-building-challenge/
As we covered in the setup process, the next step after you get your campaign, letters, and capture page set up is to start driving traffic. We even gave you a couple of quick steps to take so you can start driving traffic with your facebook and twitter accounts.

Now let’s dig in to some more tips on driving traffic to your capture page to build your subscriber lists.

In your TrafficWave.net back office, you will see a section labeled “Member Extras” with a section labeled “Addtional Resources“.

In that section, you will find a number of advertising resources we use to drive traffic to our own capture pages. That’s right. We use these same services in our own promotion to build our lists.

These are certainly not the only resources and we can’t say for sure whether they are “the best”. But we use them effectively and believe you can get benefit from them, as well.

So make today about using some of these recommended resources to drive more traffic to your newly created Hosted Capture Page.

And, as always, feel free to share your comments and questions with us at


Yours In Success,


30 Minute List Building Challenge


List BuildingThat is not a misprintnet/mem I fully intend to show you how to get started with the basics of building your very own targeted email marketing list within the next 30 minutes.

We are not going to be spending time downloading and installing software or working out complicated technology. We are just going to get started with the basics of list building.

By the time you complete the steps below, you will have created your very first TrafficWave.net AutoResponder Campaign complete with your followup letters and hosted capture page.

Then I will begin showing you how to drive traffic to that capture page so that you can begin building your very own targeted and responsive email marketing list. Whether you were referred to this page directly by me or by one of our Affiliates, my personal goal is to help you get a solid understanding of list building fundamentals over the next few minutes.

You will then be able to use these fundamentals to create any other lists you like to promote any other offers yo have.

This guide isn’t going to cost you a single penny. And if you are brand new to our team, you are probably taking advantage of our 30 day free trial so the entire system is going to be free to you for the next 30 days! The smart money says that you should dive right in to this system and training. You can be building your own targeted email marketing list within the next 30 minutes or less without spending a single penny!

Once you have taken the steps to build your list by following these steps, you will be ready to build upon your knowledge to create targeted lists for any offer you have in mind!

Feel free to post any questions you have as a comment to this article and remember: Technical support is never more than a click away in your TrafficWave.net back office.

Ready to get started? Log in to your TrafficWave.net back office at http://www.trafficwave.net/login.html

Click on Campaign Manager: 






Click Create New Campaign:







You will see Step 1 of 5.

Give your new campaign the nickname: listchallenge
Enter a description: 30 Minute List Challenge
Click “Verify My Nickname“.
Click “Move To Step 2“.

You will see Step 2 of 5.

For your name, enter your name.
For your return email address, enter the email address you want for any replies from your subscribers.
For Campaign Title, enter 30 Minute List Challenge
Click “Add New URL Token
enter your Affiliate URL: http://www.trafficwave.net/members/USERNAME (using your actual username)
Click  “Move To Step 3“.

You will see Step 3 of 5.

You can select the box next to: “Use the postal address from my TrafficWave.net Member Profile.” or you can fill out the required information manually. This information will appear in the footer of each message our system sends out as required by law.
Click “Move To Step 4“.

You will see Step 4 of  5.

This is where we tell your campaign what information we want to collect from our web site visitors. Seles the option next to First Name/Last Name (split fields):







Click “Move To Step 5″.

This is where you can select the option to receive an email any time someone confirms their subscription to your new campaign. I recommend you select that option. It’s fun to see your list growing!





Next, we will customize your confirmation message. I recommend you use this message:

Welcome To The List Builder Challenge!

I am looking forward to showing you exactly how easy it is to get started building your list. To start receiving your letters, be sure to click the confirmation link, below:

Our system will automatically include the confirmation link so you won’t have to worry about that.

Check the box next to: I have read and agree to the above requirements:





Click “Finish“.

You have now created your very own AutoResponder campaign! Our next step is to set up your letters. Click “Retrieve  Published Campaign”:







We have already created sales letters for you to use in this campaign so all you will need to do is simply retrieve our pre-written letters in to your new campaign. Select the option:

Retrieve OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters





Enter the AutoResponder ID Number: 381235
Enter the 5 digit code: 84138




Select your listchallenge campaign to overwrite:




Click “Retrieve Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters“.

You have now created an Autoresponder campaign and loaded it with followup letters for your prospects! Your next step is to set up a Hosted Capture Page.

Click “Campaign Overview“.







Click your “listchallenge” campaign:






Mouse over “Capture Page/Forms” and click “Hosted Capture Pages”.







Click “Create New Hosted Capture Page“.

Click “Choose New Template“.

For Themes, select “TrafficWave.net Templates“.





Click the “Skyrocket” template:







Click “Use This Template“.

I recommend the following:

For Page nickname: listchallenge

For headline: FREE 30 Minute List Challenge!

For Subheadline: Start Building Your Own List In Less than 30 Minutes!

For Paragraph 1:

Even if you have never built an email marketing list in your life, we will show you how to get started in less than 30 minutes! Follow my steps to start building your own targeted email marketing list absolutely free in 30 minutes or less!

For Paragraph 2:

Our system is designed to help the absolute beginner be up and running within 30 minutes or less. We will walk you through the steps and the leads are yours to keep! 

For Paragraph 3:

Let us prove to you how powerful this system is. You won’t spend a single penny to get started with us and you will have a full 30 days to test drive our system absolutely FREE! Just fill out the form below to get started!

For signature name, enter your name.
For signature email, enter your email address.
For signature URL, enter your Affiliate URL.

Click “Create New Capture Page“.

You will see a new screen that includes your new Hosted Capture Page URL:




Make a note of this URL. This is the URL you will use in the next phase where we begin driving traffic to your capture page to begin building your list of subscribers!

So far, you have created a new Autoresponder campaign, retrieved letters designed to follow up with your subscribers, and created a Hosted Capture Page that will be used to capture name and email from your visitors that also want to learn how to build their own targeted email marketing lists.

Your capture page is offering a free guide (this guide) to list building. Your letters are set up to show prospects how to get started using this guide and will be directing them to open their 30 Day Free Trial account by going to your TrafficWave.net Affiliate URL to register.

As they follow these same steps, they will be opening a new account with you as their referrer. When they see how effective this system is, it just makes sense that they will want to upgrade and that means you will begin receiving commissions on that sales volume!

So let’s get to our next step: Driving Traffic.

Driving traffic is going to be your primary focus from this point forward. Getting visitors to your capture page is how they will learn of the opportunity to learn more from you. In this case, they are going to learn how to get started building their own email marketing lists.

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Free promotion:

Post this on your Facebook Profile:

I am participating in a FREE 30 Minute List Building Challenge!

If you have ever wondered how to build your own targeted email marketing list, I highly recommend you try this free 30 Minute List Building Challenge! It’s FREE, they show us how to set it all up, and we get to keep the leads!

[your capture page URL]

Post this on your twitter account:

Free 30 Minute List Building Challenge!
[your capture page URL]

So far, in just the past few minutes, you have:

  • Created a New AutoResponder Campaign
  • Set up follow up letters
  • Created a Capture Page
  • Promoted that Capture Page

That’s a strong start and I’m willing to bet you got all that done in less than 30 minutes!

You are really just getting started. Moving forward, there will be a lot more work to do for driving traffic. That is how you will really begin to see your list building flourish.

These same basic steps can be used to create any autoresponder campaign. You will, of course, create your letters for your other campaigns based on whatever that offer is but the basic setup for your campaign, capture page, etc… will be the same.

Be sure to check your email for continued training and support tips on driving traffic to your capture page and more advanced tips on how to integrate capture forms in to your own web site or blog, how to manage your subscriber lists, check open rates, and more!

If you are ready, check out our Driving Traffic strategy here:

Driving Traffic to Your Capture Page

Please do post any comments or questions below. We love to hear about your success stories and your challenges!

List  BuildingYours In Success,

Brian Rooney




Email Marketing: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Email MarketingSuccessful email marketing is a big benefit to businesses around the world. There are a number of service providers to choose from and a virtually unlimited number of techniques and strategies to learn and implement. Even with all of the options and crazy gizmos available, the key is to make sure your email gets read and to avoid some of the most common mistakes being made to help your email marketing results be the best they can be.

1. Grammar and Spelling. 

If you are going to represent your business via email marketing, doesn’t it just make sense to make sure you are using proper grammar and spelling? Your prospects are already in a hurry. Once you’ve captured their attention, don’t lose it over misspelled words and bad grammar.

2. Overhyped Subject  Lines.

Good headlines can be a bit of an art form. Sure, you want a catchy, exciting headline so you can get you more clicks, but if your subject line goes too far, your readers may be disappointed. And if your email copy doesn’t deliver on the subject line, you run the risk of losing that reader forever.

Overhyped subject lines can also get your message caught by many prevalent spam and junk filters.

Focus on creating a headline that implies something that is consistent with what is being offered in the body of the email.

3. Overlooked Message Preview

Many email programs show a message preview when someone is looking through their list of emails. We call it the pre-header. A pre-header is basically a bit of text limited to about 100 characters and usually pulled from the first line of the email itself.

Paying attention to the beginning of your email marketing message can play a critical role in capturing the recipient’s interest. Get it right and you could nudge your reader to open and read through the remaining email.

4. The Freebie Email Sender

You are sending professional email. You should make sure your email looks like it came from a professional or business. We recommend that you get and use your own web hosting account with your own professional domain name. Using an address like a  yahoo or gmail address may affect your email marketing deliverability and reputation.

Make sure your email marketing is making the impression you want in your business.

5. Email That Offers No Value

A verycommon mistake made by most businesses out there is simply sending email messages that do not offer any real value to the reader. If your reader feels like you are just trying to take their money, they are going to delete your message. But if your ready feels that you are trying to actually help them and provide value, they are much  more likely to do business with you.

Create email marketing messages that focus on sharing knowledge, usability of the product/ service in the customer’s day-to-day life, and a case study or testimonial that shows the value in a real world situation. This is the best way to turn leads into customers.

Time for you to share: What’s the worst email marketing mistake you have seen (or made) yourself?

Why AutoResponders Should Be A Part Of Your Online Marketing Plan

autoresponders as part of your online marketing strategyOnline Marketing has a wide variety of components. There are so many different things we can do for online marketing that it’s virtually impossible that you will ever learn, let along master, them all.

I do think it is safe to say that there are a few strategies that are absolutely essential to a successful online marketing plan. Sadly, many of these essentials are often overlooked. One of these strategies that I believe to be very important and often overlooked is the use of autoresponders.

If you are now quite sure of what an autoresponder is, it’s pretty much like the name seems. It’s a system that sends an auto response to a visitor to your site based on the visitor’s behavior. Essentially, when that visitor fills out a form, they receive an auto response back with whatever information you are offering. The best part is that the email gets sent without you having to send it yourself. It all happens automatically.

So many companies today still don’t know what an autoresponder is or how to use it in their online marketing plan. This is sad because emails have a tremendous appeal and emails are opened throughout each day around the world.

What makes autoresponder emails so successful? We live in a wired society. People are walking around with smart phones, iPads, tablets, etc… and as a result they are accessing email more frequently. Think about that. In your own day, would it be safe to say that you access your phone around 100 times a day? And would it be safe to say that your potential customers do the same? And would you agree that a good percentage of the time spent on your smart phone or tablet is checking your emails?

It just makes sense. Your target market is checking their emails several times throughout the day. Using an autoresponder as part of your online marketing strategy simply gives you more opportunity to hit your target market throughout each day.

Autoresponders are a powerful tool to help you build your lists and move your prospects through your sales funnel. If your are not using autoresponders in your online marketing strategy, I highly recommend you get started today. TrafficWave.net offers a Free 30 Day Trial to help you get started at no cost. Once you see how effective autoresponders can be, you will wonder how you got along without them in your online marketing.

List Building – Bribe Your Subscribers

list building tips from Brian Rooney

List Building. We hear about it. We read about it. We download ebooks about it. We watch youtube videos about it. It seems that all the big gurus agree that the profit is in the list.

The big internet marketers are known for bragging about the size of their lists, and for good reason. When you have built a good list and you’ve managed that list well, you basically have your own online ATM machine. You are able to sell to your subscribers over and over again. This is why so many top internet marketers are constantly singing the praises of list building.

List building is how top internet marketers like Chase Swift are able to generate online sales with the click of a button. When he finds a product or service he believes will help his subscribers, he puts his email together and sends it to his list. His subscribers trust him and will usually at least agree to look at his offers when he sends them.

List building is how top producer  Didi Wargo is able to create online streams of income. She makes a point of sending updates, training, and motivation to her subscribers on a regular basis. Her subscribers know she is a producer and they want to know how they can become producers, too.

There is no mystery to it. List building is a critical step in online marketing success. The mystery appears to be: How do I build my list? And that is wha we are going to talk about in this article.

The fact of our real world life is that we each have 24 hours of 1,44o minutes in our days. Your subscribers and potential subscribers are in the same boat. Our big challenge is motivating our web site and blog visitors to fill out our capture forms. The key word here is “motivating”.

You have got to give your visitors a reason to want to give you their email address and that reason has to be so powerful it outweighs all of their reasons to not give you their email address.

What’s a savvy internet marketer to do? Bribe them!

Believe me: We’ve all been bribed before. You’ve been bribed. I’ve been bribed. It works! No matter how you slice it, the basic core of the list building bribe works something like this:

“Give me your email address and I will give you something in return.”

The key to an effective bribe is to make it something your web site visitor wants.

Solve a problem.
Provide inspiration.
Give direction.

If your visitors sees your offer as something they must have, you are on the right track and your list building will go very well.

They big challenge is to decide exactly how you will bribe your visitors.

Here are some tips to help you bribe your way to list building success:

The Free Email Tips

The free email series is the friendly invitation that welcomes new subscribers to their seats and prepares them for what you have to offer.

This bribe presents some important aspects of your offer or information in bite-sized chunks. Your email series is delivered over several days or even weeks or months and is far more manageable for the reader than a big ebook download.

Delivered on autopilot, the reader is automatically sent an email based on a given schedule, with each email building on the one before.

Success Tip: Provide useful and engaging content that you can easily break into pieces. Using an AutoResponder like we have here at TrafficWave.net is a great way to set up and manage your email series.

Time-Saving Cheat Sheet or Template

If your goal is to share “inside information” or “how-to” tips about your topic that can easily be overlooked or missed, create a cheat sheet.

Think of your cheat sheet as the key to a box of secrets that can help make your reader instantly more productive or rapidly improve their skills.

A cheat sheet is a highly practical reference guide that outlines and shares valuable data and shortcuts, often in a visual that makes the retrieval of key information as efficient as possible.

This list building bribe is attractive to the reader because it delivers a lot of information in a very concentrated format and can quickly prove its worth, perhaps saving them hours of effort.


Success Tip: A word processor like Microsoft WordApple Pages or OpenOffice Writer is sufficient for creating a simple cheat sheet, but for a more sophisticated end product, you might require a desktop publishing package such as Adobe InDesignMicrosoft Publisher, or QuarkXPress. Alternatively, you can use a cheat sheet tool like Cheatography to generate cheat sheets based on a default template. Load the completed cheat sheet to your web hosting account and include the link to your cheat sheet in your AutoResponder letters.

Sample Offers / Previews

This one is pretty straight forward. You may be able to offer subscribers a sample of your product, video, book, or limited edition software. In exchange for their email address, they get a simple or preview of your product or service.

This is a great way to introduce prospects to your offer while you are doing your list building.

List Building: Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

It might sound like a lot of hard work, but building a successful email list means giving big before you receive much of anything in return.

Today’s readers are cautious and overloaded. You need to bribe them to open the door to their inboxes and then use that permission to quickly earn their time, attention and trust.

Show them that you value the relationship by sharing your best ideas for solving their problems and making their lives better and more meaningful. Help them solve the problems they struggle with and reach their goals.

If you are committed to your readers’ success, they will take notice. They will see the value you offer and will want to stick around for more of the same. And if they think their friends and followers can also benefit from your work, they just might send them your way too.

All that’s left for you to do is get to work.

So pick one of the juicy bribes mentioned and set aside an hour or two every day to research, write, design, or record. When your bribe is ready to go live, set up your capture page or add your capture form to your blog and start driving traffic.

A big juicy bribe proudly displayed on your sign-up box puts you one step closer to building lasting relationships with your readers.

Before you know it, you’ll be one of those gurus bragging about your subscriber numbers and people will be asking you how you did it.

Top Producers for July 2015

Congratulations to our Top Producers for July 2015!
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These top producers are using the TrafficWave.net AutoResponder system to build and manage their own email marketing lists. They are also spreading the word about this powerful system to other businesses around the world and reaping the benefits in the form of weekly and monthly commissions! Learn more here: TrafficWave.net Affiliate Plan

Top Commission Earners – July 2015

1. Dorothy Wargo ( Follow Them Here )
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3. Rusty L. Shelton ( Follow Them Here )
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5. David M. Bresnahan ( Follow Them Here )
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17. George McBride ( Follow Them Here )
18. Harvey Vickery ( Follow Them Here )
19. R. Bryan Stoker ( Follow Them Here )
20. Chase Swift ( Follow Them Here )
21. Ladislav Smrtnik ( Follow Them Here )
22. Aggregate Business Systems, Inc ( Follow Them Here )
23. Maree Wells ( Follow Them Here )
24. Michael Williams ( Follow Them Here )
25. Trevor Cato ( Follow Them Here )

Top Fast Track Bonus Earners – July 2015

T1. I-prince Martins ( Follow Them Here )
T1. Ladislav Smrtnik ( Follow Them Here )
T2. Maree Wells ( Follow Them Here )
T2. Teresa M Lipinski ( Follow Them Here )
T3. Sonia Koenig ( Follow Them Here )
T3. George McBride ( Follow Them Here )
T3. John Bell ( Follow Them Here )
T3. Dani Edson ( Follow Them Here )
T4. Janet Croft ( Follow Them Here )
T4. Lloyd Cooper ( Follow Them Here )
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T4. Rajhamsan Iyer ( Follow Them Here )
T4. Ricardo Patrocinio ( Follow Them Here )
T4. Barbara Holder ( Follow Them Here )
T4. GoldTEAM ( Follow Them Here )
T4. Willie Bell ( Follow Them Here )
T4. Noli Panginen ( Follow Them Here )
T4. Bhupati Rout ( Follow Them Here )
T4. Benoit Dubuisson ( Follow Them Here )
T5. Michael Baker ( Follow Them Here )
T5. David M. Bresnahan ( Follow Them Here )
T5. Harvey Vickery ( Follow Them Here )
T5. Robert Smith ( Follow Them Here )
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T5. Raquel Felipe Victoriano ( Follow Them Here )
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T5. Ewen Chia ( Follow Them Here )
T5. Darryl Smith ( Follow Them Here )
T5. Ameerah Ahmad ( Follow Them Here )
T5. Clinton Clark ( Follow Them Here )

Top Recruiters – July 2015

1. Benoit Dubuisson ( Follow Them Here ) – 240 recruits.
2. Benoit ( Follow Them Here ) – 100 recruits.
3. Jan Arthur Andersen ( Follow Them Here ) – 24 recruits.
4. Afonso Zhu ( Follow Them Here ) – 21 recruits.
5. Brian Nissen ( Follow Them Here ) – 19 recruits.
6. Dani Edson ( Follow Them Here ) – 18 recruits.
7. Pepito Castelo ( Follow Them Here ) – 15 recruits.
8. Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman ( Follow Them Here ) – 13 recruits.
T9. Moussa Mara ( Follow Them Here ) – 9 recruits.
T9. Teresa M Lipinski ( Follow Them Here ) – 9 recruits.
T9. Appollo Trading Limited ( Follow Them Here ) – 9 recruits.
T10. Bernard Matic ( Follow Them Here ) – 8 recruits.
T10. I-prince Martins ( Follow Them Here ) – 8 recruits.
T10. Ladislav Smrtnik ( Follow Them Here ) – 8 recruits.
T10. Maree Wells ( Follow Them Here ) – 8 recruits.
T10. Alan Ribeiro ( Follow Them Here ) – 8 recruits.
T11. Tara Patrick ( Follow Them Here ) – 7 recruits.
T11. Ewen Chia ( Follow Them Here ) – 7 recruits.
T11. Margaret Albright ( Follow Them Here ) – 7 recruits.
T11. Jeffrey Johnson ( Follow Them Here ) – 7 recruits.
T12. Alexei Zoubov ( Follow Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T12. John Bell ( Follow Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T12. Marvin Williams Inc ( Follow Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T12. Monaqu ( Follow Them Here ) – 6 recruits.
T13. Herbert Flores ( Follow Them Here ) – 5 recruits.
T13. Princilla Russell ( Follow Them Here ) – 5 recruits.
T13. Lloyd Cooper ( Follow Them Here ) – 5 recruits.
T13. Alan Bridges ( Follow Them Here ) – 5 recruits.
T13. Benjamin Louie ( Follow Them Here ) – 5 recruits.
T13. Zoul ( Follow Them Here ) – 5 recruits.
T13. Paul Gallion ( Follow Them Here ) – 5 recruits.
T13. Kevin Waldron ( Follow Them Here ) – 5 recruits.
T13. Sonia Koenig ( Follow Them Here ) – 5 recruits.

Email Marketing – How I Make Sales In Minutes

brianrooneyprofileI am going to show you EXACTLY how I make sales in minutes. I’m not going to give you theory or “what if” scenarios. I am going to give you a real-life case study that demonstrates EXACTLY how I use my own TrafficWave AutoResponders to generate profits in minutes with the click of a mouse button.

Before I relate what happened to me, there is a critical concept I want you to get deep in to your mind. This concept is critical to experiencing success in your online marketing. Even if you are involved in every form of social networking, search engine optimization, classified ads, banner ads, etc… if you miss this one concept, you are going to lose sales.

This concept is:


Don’t just pass that by without really letting it sink in. Most businesses, when trying to build their online sales, focus strictly on getting more visitors, optimizing their web pages, making sure the graphics are nice, linking strategies, running more ads, etc…

And all of those are good things to work on. But if building your own lists isn’t your initial primary goal in marketing your business, you are absolutely missing sales. Every ad I run … Every interaction I have with my prospects is geared toward getting them in to my list so I can follow up with them.

Yes, my web site has sales copy and makes it very easy for visitors to order. When someone does arrive at my site ready to order, I’m more than happy to close the sale. But my three primary objectives are:

  1. The List.
  2. The List
  3. The List.

Here’s why (and this is how I literally start generating sales in minutes):

I’ll give you an example of something I personally did within the last few days:

  1. I created a sales message using my TrafficWave AutoResponder Message Editor.
  2. I used an AdTracker URL that comes with my AutoResponder so I could track clicks on my message.
  3. I used the “Broadcast” feature on my AutoResponder to send the sales message out to my list.
  4. Before the system had completed sending the message out to my lists, new sales were already coming in.

Why did this work?

  1. I have built a targeted list using my TrafficWave AutoResponder.
  2. I sent an offer that presented something of interest to my subscribers.
  3. Because I have been building rapport with my list, many of those subscribers trust me and are willing to purchase or at least consider purchasing from me at any time.

The best part is that I can do this over and over again any time I have an offer to send to my lists. It is very common for me to be able to generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars of business over 1 to 3 days by using this same technique.

This is a text-book example of how you can use TrafficWave AutoResponders in your own business.

The key is to build and mange your own in-house lists.

Whether you already have a list or you’re just getting started building your list, the TrafficWave AutoResponder system teaches you how to get started quickly. The key is to get started with our 30 Day Free Trial Offer so that you can get started putting TrafficWave AutoResponders to work in your own business.

Don’t let another day go by without starting to build your own targeted in-house lists.

Start Your 30 Day Free Trial Today

Visit http://www.trafficwave.net  and set up your FREE trial account today.

Yours in Success,


Brian Rooney

Why List Building Is So Important

brianrooneyprofileI wanted to take just a moment to share with you why I believe so much in list building and email marketing.

We have all see the phrase “The Fortune Is In The List”. But how many of us really understand that phrase? I think a better way to say it is “The Fortune Is In The Followup”.

We live in a fast paced world where people are managing multiple schedules and lists between managing their business and their home life. How many times have you intended to review an article, check out a training presentation, or even place an order online only to have your schedule get interrupted by a co-worker, spouse, family member, friend, crisis on the homefront, or any number of possibilities.

Your potential customers are the same way. They may not have time to review your full sales copy or video at the moment so an email reminder would be perfect for them.

I have often had customers tell me that they saw my information months or even years earlier but just didn’t have the time to dig in at the moment. My follow up emails kept my company and offer in front of them so that when they found the time to review my  information, not only did they find the information easily but they also had learned that I was serious about helping them learn and make a decision about my offer.

So the big reasons I like to focus on list building and email marketing are:

  1. I keep my name and offer in front of my prospects
  2. I can follow up with those prospects any time.
  3. My AutoResponder campaigns run 24/7 so they are working for me no matter what I am doing.
  4. The planet is our market place and it runs 24 hours a day. Even when I am sleeping, traveling, eating, or any other number of activities, my email marketing campaigns are working around the world and around the clock to help build rapport, create trust, and help my potential customers trust me even more.

Why do YOU focus on list building in your business?

Brian Rooney

How To Generate Hundreds Of Leads Monthly

Before we begin, it is important to understand that you will need an email marketing autoresponder to use the information you are about to read. If you are still looking for an email marketing autoresponder, I highly recommend our service here at TrafficWave.net. You will enjoy outstanding deliverability, simple set up, and a low flat-rate monthly fee. Even better: you can start absolutely free with our  30 Day Free Trial.

Once you have set up your campaigns and followup letters, and either created capture pages or added capture forms to your web site or blog, it’s time to actually start building those lists. This is where we simply focus on driving traffic to our capture pages, blog, web site, etc…

I have included a snapshot of a 60 day chart showing daily subscription requests for one of the many email marketing campaigns I personally manage. The green lines represent the number of double opt-in confirmed subscribers I received for that day. These are people that filled out one of my capture forms, either on a blog, web site, or capture page and then CONFIRMED that they wanted my information.

I show you this to provide a level of verification that I am building my lists by using the methods you are about to see.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 1.14.18 PM

Your own results and the speed at which you build your lists will be determined by a number of factors including how well you set up your capture pages, how well you  implement each of these strategies, how much traffic you drive to your capture pages or blog, etc…

So let’s get started on learning the exact methods I use to build my own lists. It will be your call to determine which of these methods you use and how deep you are committed to these strategies for building your own lists. Some of these strategies may not be suited to your particular industry. Think of this as a starting point which may lead you to even more options for driving traffic to your capture pages and sites.

Social Media: (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc… ) There is no debate that social media is an effective way to drive traffic. Why? Because people can be found on Social Media sites. But you want to be sure you use this strategy effectively. Want to be ignored on social media sites? Start slamming ads all over the place without contributing any real value to the conversations. Remember: The term is “social media”. The key is to not just slam ads all over the place. The  key is to actually interact with people in a meaningful way. I try to remind myself to think like I just walked in to a local restaurant, networking group, bar, party, etc… and interact like a real human being. Participate in the conversations!

Sure, I will post some ads on my own wall from time to time. And those ads are typically focused on trying to solve a problem. But I also intentionally look for conversations that are interesting to me and/or related to the solution I can help with. When I find those conversations, I actually participate in the conversation. I don’t just post an ad with a link. Sometimes, I won’t add a link at all to my replies. If you are adding to the conversation in a meaningful way, people will want to learn more about you so they will check your profile where they will find out more about you, what you do, and how you might be able to help. This is the best place to put a link to your site or capture page.

Social Media is not a “quick fix” for traffic generation. Handled properly, over time, you will begin to build your credibility and you will find that people begin reaching out to you for answers on how you can help them.

Traffic Exchanges: There are two ways to use traffic exchanges. One method is where you agree to view web sites from other advertisers in exchange for having your web site displayed to other members on the same traffic exchange. The other method is to buy traffic. Either way, your web site gets seen.

If you don’t have the budget, you may want to do the trade to earn “credits” until you build an advertising budget. When I first got started with traffic exchanges, I used this free method. These days, I purchase traffic on a variety of traffic exchanges on the internet.

Each traffic exchange has its own offers and methods. It can be well worth the time required to learn about  each traffic exchange and use them to your benefit. Testing is a good process to follow. Just getting exposures is really pointless. You want exposures that put your offer in front of potential prospects. So you will want to determine whether your prospects are the kind of people that may be using or visiting the sites found on the traffic exchange.

Discussion Forums: This is another very strong method for driving targeted traffic but, like social media, there is a right way and a wrong way. The first step is to do a search on Google or any search engine for discussion forums and groups related to your market. If you are selling fishing gear, you might search for “Fishing Forum” or “Fishing Newsgroups”.

As you find discussion groups related to your market place, take the time to learn the rules of the forum. Each one is different. Violating the rules can get your account terminated pretty quickly.

The key here is to get involved with the discussions. Build your credibility and your reputation. Most forums allow you to set up what they call a “Signature” which will typically include a link to your web site or blog. So when you are participating in the discussions, people who are interested in learning more about you will click your link to view your profile and may visit your web site where they can fill out your capture form to learn more about your offer.

Is this a fast solution? Absolutely not. Over time, if you manage your activity well and contribute real value to the conversations, you can expect to generate high quality targeted visitors to your capture form or blog. So it can be well worth the time.

Paid Visitors: In addition to the many free methods we are covering here, I also use a number of paid methods for traffic generation. The key is to TEST with small packages and when you get the sort of conversion you are looking for, THEN ramp up to larger traffic packages. I see a lot of people buy big traffic packages without testing first. If they get lucky, things work out fine. But that’s not how it goes for most advertisers. Start with a small package. Test the results. Change your chapter page layout, copy, headline, etc… and test some more. When you start seeing conversions (people subscribing to your lists), move in to bigger packages but CONTINUE TESTING and TRACKING! TrafficWave.net offers a guaranteed visitors system that gives you a quick way to test with small packages and ramp up as you go.

Classified Ads: When you find a web site that is focused on delivering content in your target market, it is a good idea to consider advertising on that web site. As an example, if you are in the financial planning business and you find a web site or blog that is targeting that group, check with them about advertising on their site. If you are selling construction tools, it may make sense to advertise on sites that are providing content to contractors, or DIY enthusiasts. If you are involved with network marketing, it would be a good idea to run some ads on sites that are attracting that sort of visitor.

Advertising on blogs and sites that have your target market engaged is a good idea because you can simply get your ad content put in front of people that are at least involved with or interested in the sort of products or services you sell.

A quick search on any search engine will make it very easy to find blogs, sites, and classified ad options for your target market.

Free or Fee?

A lot of these options are free and many will include options for you to pay a fee for advanced promotion options or just more exposure. Which should you choose? The simplest and potentially smartest approach is to start with the free options. When you see results, you should see sales which makes it more logical for you to spend some advertising monty to get bigger/faster results, right?

When I started with online marketing back in the year 2000, I had zero advertising budget. I spent an incredible number of hours clicking links in traffic exchanges, participating in discussion forums, talking with Facebook groups and friends, working on banner exchanges, etc.. As business grew, I started putting money in to paid options which naturally caused our results to start coming faster.

If you have no advertising budget, starting with the free stuff is going to be the way to go. But do it with a goal. Set aside at least a portion of your sales for some paid advertising options.

If you do have an advertising budget, start small. Test your results and increase your ad spend when you see the results you are looking for.

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How To Build an Email List

Why Building an Email List Is So Important For ANY Business Owner

brianrooneyprofileIf you are running a business … ANY business … whether offline or online, you absolutely NEED a way to stay in touch with prospects and customers. Just makes sense, right?

Now think about this: Pretty much everybody you know and anybody that could potentially do business with you has an email address. So building an email list of people that you can talk to about you business is a cost-effective no-brainer solution. That just makes sense too, doesn’t it?

So even if you have never built an email list, don’t have an email list, or have a small email list, NOW is the time to get started. Too many people seem to be waiting for the “perfect” time. That perfect time is NOW. A lot of people like to say, “Well, wait until I … ” or “I will start building my list after I … “. Stop it. The time to get started is right now.

If you do not yet have an email marketing list manager, we highly recommend TrafficWave.net. Thousands of business around the world are using this powerful service to build, manage, and profit from their own email marketing lists.

Personally, I’ve used email marketing to build and manage my own lists for more than 15 years. I’ve built lists for digital services such as online advertising, and email marketing. I’ve built lists for consumables like coffee and tea. I’ve built lists for entertainment projects. With each of these projects, the list itself was a huge factor in the success of my campaigns.

When I want to sell more advertising, I send out a special offer and invitation to my email marketing list for online advertising.

When I want to sell more email marketing services, I send out an offer to my list of email marketing prospects.

When I want to sell more coffee and tea, I send out a special offer an incentive to my list for coffee and tea enthusiasts.

When I want to invite guest to come hear me perform with one of the local bands I play with in the Houston area, I send out an announcement to my list of folks that want to know where I’m playing next.

Take a look at those last few paragraphs and really let something sink in. Using email marketing AutoResponders, I am able to build and manage lists for a variety of offers. The system works for me 24 hours a day, generating new prospects, following up with those prospects, communicating with my subscribers, and generating sales. This is all going on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! And with the exception of my music entertainment list, it is happening all over the world!

Email marketing is the most efficient and cost-effective form of marketing your business can use to increase sales while reducing costs at the same time!

Why? Once you build a list, you have it. You can keep mailing to it over and over again. You can continue building your lists while you are mailing to your lists.

Email List Building is NOT Complicated!

A lot of people ask me if building an email marketing list is complicated. I have people tell me all the time, “I could never figure that out.”.

Stop it. Right now, you are reading this article. There was a time when you wouldn’t have been able to read this article. But you started learning. You found out about the letter “A”,  and then the letter “B”. You learned 26 letters. TWENTY-SIX! Then you started putting those letters together to make words.

Remember: There was a time when you couldn’t spell your name! Now, you sit here reading this full article because you learned. You started with the basics. You struggled here and there. You had to go slow at first. Then you got faster. Now, you just read like it’s something you were born with. But you started out knowing NOTHING.

Learning how to build and manage your email marketing lists will be the same way. You will start with the basics. You’ll use what you know. You will add more knowledge. You will learn more techniques and tools. You will become better and better at it. Then, the day comes when you are a pro and other people start asking you, “How did you DO that?!?”.

So let’s look at some of the basics involved with learning Email Marketing. Your first step is, of course, to open up an email marketing account with TrafficWave.net. As a business, you are ready to dig in to the power of email marketing and you are ready to spend less than sixty cents a day to get that started. In fact, we are going to give you full access to our system absolutely free for the next 30 days.

Your goal is to spend a little time during those 30 days learning the system, setting up your email marketing campaign, and begin building your email marketing list.

So we are not looking at a budgetary decision. Any business can spend less than 60 cents a day on powerful email marketing technology. And, remember: You are starting out absolutely free for your first 30 days. So “Can I afford it” is not a question that needs to be asked.

Consider this. If you use your 30 Day Free Trial period properly, the end result is that you will begin building your email marketing list and the sales you generate should more than cover a marketing cost of less than 60 cents a day! Your business probably spent a lot more than 60 cents a day on advertising last week, right? What you are about to learn is going to help you make that advertising even more effective. So, again. We’re looking at something that just makes good business sense. This is not a budget based decision.

So register for your 30 Day Free Trial. You will have full access to the tools, the system, and the training.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you as you begin using the TrafficWave.net AutoResponder system to build, manage, and profit from your email marketing lists.