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Is Your Email Marketing Message Getting Through?

Two critical elements to email marketing success are:

1) Is your message getting delivered?
2) Is your message getting read?

Email Marketing Deliverability is a hot topic and rightfully so. If your message can’t be delivered, it won’t be read. And that means your email marketing campaign is done before it gets started.

There are a number of ways you can check deliverability. Here is a quick link to a free resource to help:

Email Marketing Deliverability
It’s definitely worth your while to make sure your autoresponder company has a solid track record of getting your messages delivered.

The next step is finding out if your message is even being read by your subscribers.

I highly recommend reviewing our article on Email Marketing Best Practices to make sure you are giving your email campaigns a strong shot at success.

Once you’ve taken steps to be sure you have selected a credible email marketing firm, and utilized best practices, the next step is to track your results.

Your AutoResponder Campaigns include a free open rate checker for each mailing you send out.

To view your open rates, just log in to your back office and select an autoresponder campaign.

Place your mouse over the “Letters Tab” and click “Review/Edit Letters”.

Click the subject of the letter you want to check and then click “View Open Rates”.

This will show you a chart and a table that details the open rate for that particular letter.

If your open rate is too low, see how many tips from the above articles you can implement to improve your open rates.

Quite often, by making just a few changes, the small amount of time you spend improving the quality of your email marketing messages can have a dramatic impact on your open rate and, as a result, your response rate.

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