Just Get 3 and Yours Is FREE

As a TrafficWave.net affiliate, one of your goals is to build an additional income stream by referring other users to the TrafficWave.net AutoResponder system. The fun part is that you can build that additional income stream without having to take your focus off of your primary business.

Using these powerful tools, you can put email marketing to work in your business by building and managing your subscriber lists. You can send updates, announcements, special offers, coupons, newsletters, etc… to your subscribers at any time.

You can also use our powerful AdTracker system to track the click-throughs of your online ad campaigns. This helps you know where your results are coming from which helps you make informed decisions on where to spend your time and money on ad campaigns.

Now, it just makes sense that other businesses would want to use these powerful tools to help themselves grow as well, right?

This is where your opportunity comes in. You can show these businesses how to use these same tools to build and manage their own lists, send out their offers and information, and track their results. And, of course, we pay you to refer those customers to us via your Affiliate link.

Now here’s the really exciting part:

Just Get 3 And Yours Is Free

This is how easy it is for you to quickly break even on your TrafficWave.net account. “Break even” just means that you are generating enough commissions to offset your monthly subscription for your TrafficWave.net account. When you have 3 referrals that are on your first level in our 3×10 Matrix system, your commissions will be enough to pay for your monthly subscription. Essentially, your email marketing system will be absolutely free!

Of course, by teaching your referrals how to do the same, you will be in profit each month! How much fun will it be to know that not only is your email marketing system generating leads and sales in your primary business but has also become its own revenue stream? That’s the power of leverage and  internet marketing!

The next question is: How do you actually generate those referrals, right? Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

If you operate your primary business online, it’s very easy to refer others to your Affiliate link. You can …

  • Add a link, banner, or button to your web page as a resource you recommend. Be sure to link back to your affiliate site.
  • If you operate your own blog(s), write a quick article on how you use this system to benefit your business and include a link or two back to your affiliate site.
  • If you are sending newsletters, offers, announcements, etc… to your lists (and you should be), include a brief recommendation and link back to your affiliate site.
  • If you are using Twitter, Facebook, or any of the other popular social networking sites, recommend your autoresponder system and link back to your affiliate site.
  • Do you conduct webinars? Mention your autoresponder system as a recommended resource.
  • Do you write articles? Write an article on how autoresponder and ad tracking technology help you get more done in less time. Include a link to your affiliate site.

What if you conduct business offline? When you’re meeting with other business owners, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, etc… ask them if they’d be interested in a system that can help them generate new targeted prospects and convert those prospects in to customers. Then share your affiliate link with them.

If you participate in business networking groups, show the other business owners, managers, and sales professionals how they can benefit from autoresponders and ad tracking.

You may notice that each of these methods works based on you contacting people you already interact with or do business with. A personal recommendation is always the most effective way to generate new sales. This is often referred to as using your “warm market” which just means you are contacting people you already have a relationship with, either personally or professionally.

The other option, and this can be done along with contacting your “warm market”, is to do advertising to what we call the “cold market”. These are people you do not already have a relationship with. You reach your cold market by running advertising. Your affiliate site includes a resource with sample text ads, emails, and banner ads you can use to conduct these ad campaigns.

Promoting your TrafficWave.net affiliate link isn’t something that you need to spend a lot of time on. Just a few minutes a day with effective and focused promotions can set you up with a steady source of leads and referrals. As you show businesses how they can benefit from using email marketing in their own marketing strategies, their decision to take advantage of our free 30 day trial becomes a true “no-brainer”.

As a result, your TrafficWave.net affiliate income continues to grow month after month.

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  1. Thanks again for the great tips. Just like some of us have to see an ad more than once before we buy. Some of us have to see the tips over and over before we get the a-ha

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