November 2011 Top Monthly Earners

Congratulations to our Top 20 Earners for the month of November, 2011:

  1. Dorothy Wargo (flowerblossom)
  2. Robert Howells (roberthowells)
  3. D M Bresnahan (kdec)
  4. Pat Rogers (constant912)
  5. David Benson (dbmlm2
  6. Lori Edwards (torenada)
  7. Scott Douglas (thedragonfly)
  8. Rusty L Shelton (rustyshelton)
  9. Margaret Albright (instant)
  10. Chase Swift (ze14361)
  11. Allen Smith (alsmith10)
  12. Terry Goodmann (revelar)
  13. Mohd Darus Haron (autoresonder4u)
  14. Mazelan Abas (katun66)
  15. Kevin Fukao (wealth2day09)
  16. Daniel Butts (butts)
  17. Jay Kanik (kandu)
  18. Sherri Kirklin (thek4group)
  19. Grace Randall (homebizhelper)
  20. Valerie Underhill (valgal)
This list is based on the monthly commissions paid during the month. These numbers may vary based on whether or not the Affiliate has elected to have their Weekly Fast Track Bonus held and disbursed with their monthly commissions.
While we do not share or make the dollar amounts public, we congratulate and celebrate our Top 20 Monthly Earners in
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21 thoughts on “November 2011 Top Monthly Earners

    1. Many of them seem to share a common goal of building, supporting, and working with a team. They are often conducting webinars, training sessions, etc… to focus on referring new members and training existing members. It’s definitely a winning formula, for sure.

      1. Robert, there are many “ways” to market TrafficWave. I have found that the best marketing strategy is to help each person I sponsor to make those first three sales. Once they make three they will keep going on their own.

        The compensation plan is perfectly designed. Once you understand it you will be motivated to put all your effort into helping the people you sponsor to be successful. Their success will bring your success. If you qualify for every bonus you will maximize your monthly check.

        There is no one way to make sales. I teach five different ways to market and promote TW to my personally sponsored people (and none of those marketing methods cost any money), and then they decide which of those methods works best for them, and some decide to do something totally different. The key is to find one that works and then put it to use.

        Three Steps to Success:
        1) Make your own personal sales each month. 2) Help each of those personal sales to make sales. 3) Repeat that the next month. It’s not rocket science. Just keep at it and realize that if you are willing to do what most people will not do, you will make more money than most people ever will. Good luck!

        1. David, I like what you are doing. The boy scouts say, “do a good turn daily” as I look around I am seeing more and more people online working as a team in communities, tribes, social networks and whatever they may chose to call themselves. But it seems effective, especially for those who offers or provide good quality content or educational support to their members.

          As you said there is no one way to make a sale. But one thing seem obvious the head of these groups are making money from providing support and educational training to their members and slipping in a marketing or sales piece periodically.

          1. Geremy,

            Thanks for your comments, and thanks for mentioning the Boy Scouts. I’ve been a scout leader for a very long time.

            I just do two things in TrafficWave, if you want to get down to the basics of what brings success. I recruit new TrafficWave marketing reps, and I help each rep that I personally sponsor to do the same.

            The great compensation plan of TW is motivation enough to keep me going. I get paid for personal sales. I get a bonus each time I make a personal sale. I get an over ride commission for the sales of everyone in my downline. I get paid a residual monthly commission from all the sales in my downline, month after month. And I get paid a leadership bonus based on the sales of the people I personally sponsor.

            If I sponsor someone and they do not make money, then I do not make money. It is that simple. I am VERY motivated to help them make money.

            I hope some of these thoughts are helpful to you and others in the New Year. Make it a great one!

            David Bresnahan

  1. “It would be great to know the top performers marketing strategies…”

    Well it is, as Brian Rooney said, supporting your affiliates and helping them with their needs. Help them setup their autoresponder campaigns. Show them the text and HTML options. Remind them of the value gives them and that having a list of names and email addresses (your list) is absolutely essential. Show them the AdTracker. And use these yourself!

    Then also consider the use of a system that employs the use of TrafficWave. This gives your affiliates a step-by-step system in case they are brand-new to internet marketing. One of the best systems is TE Profits, created by top affiliate Scott Douglas. It is free to join but the one-time upgrade gives you much more value.

    Lastly do NOT tell your affiliates that is a business. It isn’t. It’s an incredible and versatile tool that all online marketers need that will pay you handsomely when you use it yourself and teach others to use it.

    If you are serious, you will find TrafficWave to be one of the best internet tools you will ever use. And like the top affiliates here, you will be rewarded when you share this tool with others who are like you!

    1. There you have it from an Affiliate who is always in the Top 10 month after month.

      Mr. Swift is the epitome of training and support for his affiliates.

      Chase, I do have to say that I believe to be a solid business. We have members earning a fairly lucrative income from referring customers to our service. After all, that is what a business does: provide a service to its customers. Of course, the business of is to help businesses build, manage, and profit from their lists. To that end, we function primarily as a service business with an income opportunity attached for those who choose to participate at that level as well.

  2. Congrats to all the top performers, and a special congrats to Scott Douglas, for he is my most admired online mentor. Trafficwave is a phenomenal system for building your online business, and truly the real potential lies in using this tool to communicate with your customers, leads and partners, then teaching this to others. I believe in teaching people to stand on their own two feet and helping them to build there business on a solid foundation, and Trafficwave is the perfect way to do this.

    You must have an autoresponder account if you truly wish to be successful in
    building your internet business. Dont fool yourself, this IS a business and you
    absolutely need the right tools to succeed.

    Richard Weberg

  3. Firstly, congratulations to all you top earners on Traffic Wave. A truly awesome result for Did Wargo. That is several months in a row now Didi. Well done!
    Although I am nowhere near the top earner list, I do use Traffic Wave on a daily basis and it is probably my main marketing tool. Without Traffic Wave my website and my niche would probably not survive for very long.
    Thanks for the “Heads Up” on your new “crash” course on Traffic Wave, Scott. I will be heading over there shortly to hone my Traffic Wave skills.

  4. Im thinking of starting a membersite group where I can promote trafficwave and have meeting once a week.
    I like the idea of forcing 3×5 that way my downline will be encouraged to stay in
    and not give up !

    1. Hi, Paul. There really wasn’t any luck involved. These are the same folks that take consistent action on a daily basis to promote their affiliate URL and support their teams in doing the same while learning to put the tools to good use in their primary business. It’s really a formula for success more than anything to do with luck. The same opportunity is available to all affiliates.

      We can all make 2012 even better!

    2. Hi Paul,
      I saw your comment and just wanted to offer my thoughts. None of us are lucky, although I do think of myself as blessed to have such great people in my downline in TrafficWave. Many of the people you see on the top 10 list are in my downline.

      I’ve been doing this for five years. There is no luck involved. I simply recruit new people each month. Several news ones joined with me as their sponsor this month, and two news ones today. I help each new person I sponsor to learn how TW works, help them get it set up, and then teach them what I do to advertise and promote. I let them know that if they put in 30 minutes a day following the steps I use to advertise then they can expect the same results I get.

      No luck. We just follow some basic steps and our business grows. You can do the same thing. Login to TW and there will be a link you can click in your back office so you can contact your sponsor. Ask him or her to help you with any portion of the business you are needing help with. You will also find lots of great training info in your back office. Check it out.

      Best wishes to you for a great 2012!

      David Bresnahan

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