15 thoughts on “TrafficWave Back Office Overview

  1. This is for Admin, I want to restart my autoresponder. I tried to by going to the site but the email would not go thru, My user name is topehniba. I had some problems but I am coming back. Thanks, Frank

  2. I just wanted to ask if I can customize my sign up form. I mean instead of ‘Sign up’ can I change it to ‘ Give Me Access Now’ with a nice color?
    I need a quick riposte.

    1. You can change the text on your button when you are creating/editing your capture form code in your back office using the “Customize CSS” option.

  3. Hello, I’m new at this I could not watch the video it time out, there’s so much to learn and I am a little overwhelmed with everything I really need all the help I can get.

  4. The sound quality is awful – I can’t hear anything clearly and the volume is so low.

    Is this the same for everyone or?

    1. Hi, Scouser. You may want to turn the volume up on your computer. We haven’t had any previous complaints and the volume was very strong when I tested it just now before replying, here.

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