Create Email Marketing Messages That Get Results

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Use our friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to create email marketing messages that attract attention and get results. Create templates that tie your messages to the look and feel of your web site to build strong brand recognition.

Create and send messages that look good on smart phones, tablets, and computers. Make changes any time.

Track Your Email Marketing Effectiveness
Know at a glance which email marketing messages are getting results. Analyze results, make changes, and resend with the click of your mouse button.

Schedule Broadcasts Ahead of Time
Create and schedule broadcasts to your subscribers ahead of time. Perfect for preparing special notices in advance.

Created Hosted Capture Pages
Select from several pre-formatted templates, add your headline and copy. Save and promote. Your list building can be started within minutes of registering for your Free 30 Day Trial!

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  1. Hi,

    Is there a way in TrafficWave to extract part of a list by email opens?

    I want to be able to email either people who have opened a specific email message or people who did not open.


  2. SORRY BUT THIS IS NOTHING TO DO WIT THIS THREAD~ I started your Brian Rooney video demo lesson showing how to set up campaign ~ everything followed ~ but came to ( grey area) ~ .to a brick wall with letters to use~I spent time looking for links & any reference ~ you implied just use someone else’s letters but ~ this ended my
    campaign set up because there was no reference to where to find the letters to send to grow list ~ I have been with you a long time but seem to be going backwards ~ your presentation was fine but stumped, slumped, I feel like washing my hand with TrafficWave sorry to say ~ I would be happy to get this campaign up & running & done! To make it worth my time to stick around & build my list.

    1. Hi, Joseph. There is no implication that you should use someone else’s letters. If you do have someone offering to share their letters with you, then you are certainly welcome to use those. I’m not really sure what you are wanting to promote so it’s not really possible for me to offer much in the way of specific advice.

      I can recommend the following article on how to create letters: Guide To Creating AutoResponder Letters

      I can also offer our wiki on How to Create Letters: Letters: Creating Letters

      And, as always, our 30 Minute List Building Challenge is a great way to get started as indicated in your back office:


      Each of these will provide you with great information to get you started.

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