Article: How To Generate Online Leads

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How To Generate Online Leads

If you are serious about making money online, it is critical that you learn how to consistently generate online leads. Email marketing has been a critical step in that process for many affiliate marketers, network marketers, developers, restaurants, around the world for many years. In this article, I am going to show you exactly how I generate online leads using email marketing autoresponders from TrafficWave.

I know this works from personal experience. I have been personally using this system since we launched early in the year 2000. Back then, people would try to tell me it wouldn't work. Today, people are still telling me it won't work. And, I am still using these tools to constantly generate new leads and consistently generate online sales.

When you look at things with your business eye, it is extremely obvious that email marketing works. Tell me if any of this seems familiar to you:

  • Have you ever bought concert tickets from a company or band that emailed you about the upcoming show? That's email marketing in action.
  • Have you ever gone to a restaurant because of an email you received about a discount or special offer? That's email marketing in action.
  • Have you ever visited a web site or blog by clicking a link that you got in your email? That's email marketing in action.
  • Have you ever booked a trip or vacation in response to an email notice you received? That's email marketing in action.
  • Have you ever made a business decision based on information you got from an email list you subscribed to? That's email marketing in action.

These are all examples of email marketing in action. Businesses around the world are using effectively email marketing to consistently generate online leads and sales because it works, it's cost effective, and it's just easy to do.

No matter what industry I have worked in, the basic process has been the same:

Step 1: I create a series of followup messages that are specifically written to build the know, like, and trust factor. I want my readers to feel like they know me and can trust me. Why? When they are ready to buy, they are more likely to buy from someone they know, like, and trust.

Step 2: I create a hosted capture page and/or installed form code on my web site. Why? When someone visits my site or capture page, I want to be able to give them important information about how I can help them solve a problem. When they fill out the form, they are added to my contact list and my autoresponder begins sending out the letters I wrote in Step 1.

Step 3: I begin driving traffic to my capture page or site. Why? If nobody knows about my offer, they can't order. So, it just makes sense that I promote the offer. I use paid advertising, free advertising, social media channels, youtube, link exchanges, etc... People that are interested in my ads and posts click through to learn more. When they click, they are taken to a capture page or an article that includes a capture form where they can request more information if they want to learn more.

I've used this system profitably to sell all sorts of products and service ranging from coffee to travel to financial services, entertainment, and yes ... even our own email marketing autoresponder right here at TrafficWave.

This is how I know it works: Experience. Use these same steps for your own projects to generate leads and consistently generate online sales.

Brian Rooney, CEO/Co-Founder

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