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Email Marketing Solutions

I was sitting at dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. He said to me, "Tell me what it is that you do again."

I launched in to my standard explanation of Email Marketing and how we help businesses from around the world build, manage, and profit from their own in-house lists with Email Marketing AutoResponders.

He paused a moment.... looked at me... and asked, "So you spam people or what?". I quickly and successfully resisted the urge to smack him. I took a deep breath and began to explain the very critical distinction between spamming and responsible Email Marketing.

At the end of the conversation, he said, "I think you can help me with one of my businesses. We've got prospect lists and clients lists that we are not following up with and I bet we're losing money.".

He's right. He is losing money. He needs to start using Email Marketing to boost his profits and fast. We'll get him started next week so he can start using Email Marketing to capture those lost revenues.

But he's not alone. During that conversation, I realized that there are probably a lot of businesses that equate spamming with real Email Marketing and the two are not the same.

In a nut shell, "spamming" is the sending of ANY unsolicited commercial email. It doesn't matter if you send an unsolicited ad to a single recipient or millions. No request for your information means you are sending Unsolicited Commercial EMail (UCE).

However, when someone requests your information and they add themselves to your list, you are now practicing responsible Email Marketing.

What are some of the benefits of Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Reduces Expenses.

I was talking with another client over lunch just last week. He is an entertainer and tours the country with his band. Over the years, he has built a list of fans, booking contacts, venue contacts, etc.... And when he wants to send out a postcard or newsletter to this list, he has to spend a LOT of money.

Now that he is using Email Marketing techniques to send his newsletters via email, his market expenses have dropped from over $1,000 per mailing to less than $250 per month (with multiple mailings).

Email Marketing Saves Time.

This same client also has to plan ahead by a few weeks in order to allow for mailer design, layout, proofing, printing, and then finally adding postage and actually getting the mail piece on the street.

With Email Marketing, the turn-around time for development and delivery are dramatically reduced.

Email Marketing Gives Virtually Instant Feedback.

I recently ran a promotion to one of my lists of subscribers. The creation of the ad itself took about an hour. I set up my Email Marketing campaign to broadcast my message out to my list. Within 20 minutes of hitting "Send", I was watching new orders come in.

I've also had campaigns where I didn't see any orders coming in.

In both cases, because I was using Email Marketing solutions, I was able to tell within the same day whether or not my campaign was going to be successful. With direct mail, newspaper ads, television, or magazines, you sometimes have to wait weeks or even months just to see how the market is going to respond to your offer.

Email Marketing Is Flexible.

Email Marketing can be conducted in a number of ways.

CPA's and tax preparers can send out timely reminders to their clients.

Restaurants can send out special event notifications, coupons, and menus.

Consultants can send out weekly, monthly, or quarterly tips and advice.

Entertainers can send out performance schedules and event updates.

Planners can send out invitations.

Retailers can increase return sales and customer loyalty.

Franchises can provide training and corporate updates.

Service businesses can send out service reminders and/or warranty notifications.

Home based businesses can generate sales leads and follow up with prospects.

Email Marketing Solutions Summary:

Businesses need to constantly adjust to market and economic conditions to continue boosting profits and reduce expenses. Email Marketing provides powerful solutions that allow businesses and organizations to save time, reduce expenses, increase efficiencies, and boost profits. If you are not using Email Marketing already, it's time to start.

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