Article: Build Your MLM Business with Email Marketing

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Build Your MLM Business with Email Marketing

Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) distributors are turning to Email Marketing as a method for generating targeted mlm leads and prospects.

Traditionally, the most popular methods for attracting prospects included hotel room meetings, conference calls, and making a list of your "warm" prospects such as friends, family members, business associates, people you went to school with, etc...

However, with the Internet making the world a smaller place, it is becoming easier and much more cost-effective to reach out to a broader circle and attract prospects from anywhere in the country and even around the world.

To successfully build your MLM business with Email Marketing, there are a few key steps that you need to take:

Get Your Own Web Site. This is critical. While many network marketing companies offer a replicated web site that includes your name, the challenge is that your replicated site is exactly like every other distributor's site within that same mlm company. This means that the search engines think that all distributor web sites are the same and that makes is tremendously difficult to stand out from the competition.

By having your own web site, you are able to build your own identity and begin marketing yourself. This allows you much more freedom as you are able to work outside the confines that are traditionally set by the company. It used to be quite difficult to set up a web site but with today's technology, literally anyone can have at least a basic web site running within a few minutes.

Build Your Own MLM Email Marketing Lists. Yes, there are many companies that will offer to sell you lists to use in email marketing but most of these lists are worn-out and completely over used. One of the "dirty little secrets" within the mailing list industry is that many of these companies simply swap lists with one another. The list itself has been around for many months or even years. But now that they have just acquired that list from another company, they call it "new" to them and market it as a "fresh" list. To make matters even worse, in order to make profits, these mailing list companies usually have to sell the same leads over and over again. So you're back to being in direct competition. And paying to be there!

The "freshest" list you will ever get is the MLM Leads List you build yourself. Why? Because your own web site has presented your offer and given them some enticing information that has attracted them to you. They have specifically asked you for information about your offer. Your AutoResponder begins following up for you putting you "front of mind" with prospects that WANT to learn more.

The best way to build your own targeted lists is by using an AutoResponder service like TrafficWave and adding subscription forms to your web site. You may offer a free report on how to build financial independence, how to lose weight, how to take your life back, how to start your own home based business, etc...

You simply create or retrieve the report in to your AutoResponder so that it is pre-loaded. When someone visits your web site and fills out the form to request the information, your AutoResponder takes over by capturing their contact information (typically a name and email address) and then sends out your information.

All of this happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without you needing to remember to send emails or follow up. That is the job of your AutoResponder. Which brings us to the next step:

Advertise To Get Visitors To Your Site. Once you have your web site set up, your copy written, and your subscription form added to your web site, you need to begin promoting your web site. There are a number of ways to accomplish this objective including both paid and free advertising options.

Use Social Media. It is well worth the time to look in to the more popular Social Media options.

Use Search Engine Optimization techniques (another advantage of having your own web site).

Start and manage your own blog. (Your web hosting company should have one that is easy to set up).

Participate in relevant discussion forums. Just be professional and add value to the discussions. This builds your credibility and will lead to more visitors over time.

Write or have articles written for you and submit to popular article directories. A well written article can be a very powerful method for generating visitors to your web site.

The most successful network marketing professionals know and understand the value of building and managing your own mlm leads list.

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