Article: Why Email Marketing?

...and how can your business benefit by using it?
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Why Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing and how can your business benefit by using it?

The simplest definition of Email Marketing is: a form of direct marketing which utilizes email as a means of communicating with your target market.

Email Marketing should not be confused with sending unsolicited commercial email, spamming, junk lists, lead harvesting and other questionable (often illegal) forms of promotion.

Conducted properly, Email Marketing can help any business reach their target market, build brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and boost their bottom line.

Advantages of Email Marketing include:
  1. The ability to deliver messages quickly. With traditional forms of media and promotion, you are usually faced with lead times and production setbacks that can take weeks or even months to handle. With Email Marketing, you can launch a campaign within hours or even minutes.

  2. The ability to target your offers. Building and marketing to a targeted list of qualified prospects is the best way to know you are reaching the right prospects for your offer.

  3. The ability to track open rates. With direct mail, you don't have any idea if someone is opening your mail piece. You just spend thousands of dollars and hope for the best. When you conduct Email Marketing with AutoResponders, you have the ability to track how many people actually opened your email message. This is a great way to test the effectiveness of subject lines.

  4. The ability to track response rates. Tracking response rates by counting the number of times a link is clicked within your message is a simple task and is included with your AutoResponder account at no additional charge. This is a great way to know how your Call To Action is working.

  5. The ability to do split-run testing. Want to know which subject line gets a better response? Do a split-run test and track your open rate. Email Marketing with makes this easy.

  6. Cost efficiency. In addition to being tremendously efficient, this form of marketing can be extremely cost effective reducing your costs by as much as 75%.

If you have been around Internet Marketing for any length of time, you have undoubtedly come across the phrase, "The Profit Is In The List".

This is why so many successful businesses are using tools like autoresponders and capture pages to begin building and managing their own in-house lists.
When you have a list of prospects that you know are interested in your offer, you have a valuable commodity. You can market to your lists with back-end offers, upgrade offers, additional consulting, add-on products, joint venture offers, and more.

One of the keys to success is to put a consistent and focused effort into building your lists. New prospects are the life-blood of any business so it makes sense to focus a good part of your marketing efforts on generating new leads.

To get the most from your lists, be sure to provide valuable content.

One list I subscribe to is from a humidor company. They send out a weekly email about cigars, humidors, and related information. The messages are usually brief, sometimes entertaining, and always informative.

To get sales, be sure to include your offer and links back to your web site.

This same weekly cigar email I receive always includes links to specials on boxes of cigars, tools, humidors, etc...

I'm amazed at the number of marketing emails I receive that don't contain even a link back to the company web site to learn more.


Be clear about the purpose of your list.

Work to promote and build your list at every opportunity.

Stay on target with your message content.

Ask for the order! Give them a link and a call to action.

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