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Presented by Ahmad Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahman | (aridz)
Email Marketing AutoResponders help you stay in touch with your members.


Quick, efficient communication is critical to your success in franchising. Reach your franchise operators at any time from any computer with the click of your mouse.

Franchisers and
Email Marketing

Effective Communication is critical to driving new franchise sales and training new Franchisees. By effectively communicating with your Franchisees, you can keep them motivated and fully engaged in their busines success.

Use the AutoResponder system to:

  • provide regular training updates.
  • acknowledge top performers.
  • incentivize and motivate franchisees.
  • share press releases.
  • boost overall morale and performance.
  • improve retention and engagement.
  • attract and qualify potential franchisees.

Save Time.
Save Money.
Communicate Clearly.

Make sure your Franchisees constantly have the vision and idealogy in front of them. Communicate frequently and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of traditional communication and training methods. Drive new Franchise sales and improve existing Franchisee relations.

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