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Email Marketing AutoResponders help you stay in touch with your members.

Affiliate Marketers

Targeted leads are the life blood of your business model.

Email Marketing tools from can help you generate new leads, stay in front of your current customers, increase add-on sales, etc...

Affiliate Marketers and
Email Marketing

You work hard to get targeted visitors to your online offers. Capture that visitor information and boost sales by following up with your prospects.

By adding subscription forms to your web site you can quickly begin building targeted prospect lists.

Use the AutoResponder system to:

  • increase affiliate sales.
  • announce time-sensitive offers.
  • send out back-end offers.
  • segment lists in to prospects and buyers.
  • split-test various affiliate offers.
  • do list swaps with other affiliate marketers.

Create Cash Flow

Building a targeted list for your Affiliate offers is like having your own online ATM. You can market to those lists over and over again. Successful Affiliate Marketers use email marketing to consistently generate new and repeat sales from their lists with the click of a mouse button.

Beat The Competition

Affiliate Marketing is a competitive proposition. Give yourself an edge by building and managing your own targeted email marketing lists with

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