AutoResponder Features makes it easy for you to build, manage, and profit from your own email marketing lists
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Email Marketing Features

Powerful email marketing features make it easy for you to build, manage, and profit from your own email marketing lists.

Now businesses, clubs, organizations, entrepreneurs, and home based business professionals can easily stay connected to their customers, prospects, and members from any computer anywhere in the world using Email Marketing AutoResponders from

Powerful Email Marketing Features

  • Manage Unlimited Lists.
    One List or 500. Fifty Subscribers or 50,000. Your monthly subscription rate never goes up.

  • Collect As Much Data As You Want.
    From basic name and email information to full details, collect the information you want to target and segment your subscribers as wide or narrow as you want.

  • Integrate Your AutoResponder Campaigns With Your Favorite Apps.
    Use our API to instantly connect your Campaigns to thousands of apps like Facebook, WooCommerce, Trello, etc. Read more...

  • Schedule Broadcasts With a Mouse-Click.
    Send a special offer or letter to a single subscriber or a group of subscribers with a single click. Send your broadcast instantly or schedule it to go out at a later date.

  • Track Your Open Rates
    Track Open Rates to see exactly how many of your messages are actually being opened by your subscribers.
  • Track Your Click-Throughs
    Track the effectiveness of each letter in your Email Marketing campaigns. Track your online advertising. Know where your results come from.

  • Easily Create Opt-In Forms For Your Web Site.
    Easily integrate AutoResponder subscription forms into your own web site by copying form code from your Members Area. Subscription forms can be customized to look and feel like a seamless part of your web site.

  • Use Our Convenient Opt-In Forms.
    Your account includes a variety of capture page templates you can customize and use to start gathering subscribers. Simply choose the capture page look and feel you want to use and start your promotion.

  • Send HTML or Text Messages.
    Easily create beautifully formatted HTML messages and templates to give your messages a professional polished look.

  • No Complicated Programs to Download or Install.
    Opening your account takes less than 5 minutes. There are no downloads and no complicated installation processes. Simply complete our online signup form, create your messages, and either add forms to your own web site or start using our pre-designed capture pages to gather subscribers.

  • Unlimited Free Customer Support.
    Our online support team is always available to help you with questions about your new AutoResponder. We also have a discussion forum where other users share ideas, tips, and strategies. You can also watch free online videos to see exactly how to set up your AutoResponders. Free online help is never more than a mouse click away.

  • Save Time and Money

    Our flat rate pricing lets you keep your focus on building your business without breaking the budget.

    Contact Management ... Managed.

    Our system handles unsubscribe requests, bounces, etc... automatically. You focus on building your business.

    Personalize Your Messages

    Communicate with your subscribers with the personal touch by including their name in your subject line and messages.

    Convert Your Web Traffic

    Quickly add capture forms to your web site or blog to turn visitors into real prospects.

    Create a Professional Branding Image makes it easy to create professional looking messages with our drag and drop editor.

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