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Email Marketing AutoResponders help you stay in touch with your members.


Manage vendor relations, provide valuable content, and lower acquisition costs with email marketing autoresponders.

Publishers and Email Marketing

Publishers use AutoResponders as part of their Email Marketing strategy to manage subscriber relationships, provide valuable content, lower acquisition costs, and improve subscriber retention.

Add a subscription form to your web site to readers and fans can stay in the loop.

Include a link to your subscription form in all of your articles to pick up more referrals.

Use the AutoResponder system to:

  • send renewal notices.
  • offer back-end products.
  • gather new subscribers.
  • distribute press releases.
  • announce special events.
  • publish your own newsletter.
  • provide value added content.

Save Time.
Save Money.
Communicate Clearly.

Publishers can save time and money by using email marketing autoresponders to publish content and follow up with subscribers.

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